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CCTV-5’s NBA Playoffs commercial is freaking amazing

April 28, 2012


What’s better than the start of the NBA Playoffs? How about a commercial that combines all of the things we love about the post-season with all of the things we love about medeval Chinese warfare? Would that be possibly be better?

If you think so, you’re in luck because the good people at CCTV-5 have made a one minute long television spot that does just that. The huge armies, the big flags and the massive fortresses that we’ve come to expect from the ancient Chinese battlefield are all there, but the best part is saved for the last thirty seconds when computer animated versions of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose all dress up in traditional Chinese armor while wielding some serious weaponry.

Wow, wow and wow. If the Playoffs are even a quarter as good as that, it’ll be the greatest post-season in the history of the NBA, maybe in the history of sport. If they’re half as good, they’ll be the greatest anything ever.

(H/T to the guys at The Basketball Jones and to Michael Ardaiolo)


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