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Tag Archives: Swin Cash

Monday Morning Jianbing

February 28, 2011


Starting your day right with China’s favorite street breakfast and a bunch of links…

  • Shanghai’s post-season chances might have just gone from slim to none after the Sharks’ loss on the scoreline and their roster last night in Fujian.  During Shanghai’s win on Friday against Qingdao came with the news that star import John Lucas will probably be out up to two weeks with a pulled thigh muscle.  Without Lucas on Sunday, Shanghai went down to a 124-108  overtime defeat against Fujian SBS.   With only four games left, Lucas could be out for the rest of the season, and Shanghai could be essentially dunzo for the year.  And in case you’re thinking I made a typo about that score, Fujian dropped 22 points(!) in the extra period.
  • More All-Star China stuff: Li Ning set up a Chinese-American media pickup run in Santa Monica on Sunday before the big game.  That was bad news for the guy who had to write, and thus play, in the game after going hard in LA the night before.
  • Even more post All-Star China stuff: The Wall Street Journal on the PEAK endorsing JaVale McGee’s second place finish in the Dunk Contest.
  • Stephon Marbury’s birthday in China.  His three wishes: 希望一直能保持健康延续篮球寿命,希望世界能永远和平不要再有战火和饥荒,希望扩大我在中国的影响力 — a long, healthy career on the court, a peaceful world that’s forever without war and starvation, and a bigger profile in China.
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Wednesday Afternoon Tanghulu

January 13, 2011


Sweetening up your afternoon with a stick of Beijing’s timeless sugar coated snack and some links…

  • On Monday, NetEase Sports and Asia Basket reported that the Jilin Northeast Tigers had signed former Florida State star, Tim Pickett, to replace David Young.  But three days later, Young is still playing in a Jilin jersey and the team appears to have gone back on their initial decision with Pickett: “We’re actually in contact with a few players that could replace Young.  But unless something crazy happens, Young will play these next three away games for us.” In 12 games, Young is averaging 21.3 points and 4.6 rebounds for the 3-10 Northeast Tigers, who have lost their last four games. (H/T hoopCHINA)
  • Two-time NCAA champion, three-time WNBA champion and 2010 FIBA World Championship gold medalist, Swin Cash, checks in from her professional team in China, DongGuan, on SLAMonline.  We’re laughing at the word “Foolishgate,” but we’re also respecting her interest in learning the basketball culture in China.  Well worth the read and we’re looking forward to more updates.
  • has learned from an anonymous source that Shanxi Zhongyu is on the verge of swapping imports — again — this time signing A.D. Vassallo in place of Leon Rogers.  Vasallo played four years at Virginia Tech and currently plays for the Puerto Rican national team.  Last year, he played professionally in France for Paris-Levallois.
  • Since coming down with a fever and a stomach ailment that kept him out of the lineup in a loss at Shanghai on December 29th, Randolph Morris has seen a pretty steep dip in offensive production.  After leading the league in scoring for a good chunk at the beginning of the year,  Morris is averaging 24 points on 40.6% shooting over his last six games.  Speaking to a reporter following Beijing’s fourth loss in their last five, this one coming on the road against Zhejiang Guangsha, head coach Min Lulei had some choice words for his center, who shot 6-20 and struggled defensively: “We had planned on leaning on Morris in this game, but tonight everyone saw that he just wasn’t there both mentally and physically.  He didn’t follow our game plan and he didn’t get back on defense.  There’s no way you can win like that.”  Making matters worse, Zaid Abbas hurt his back in the second half and its unclear how long he’ll be out of the lineup.
  • Antoine Wright has been sentenced to 15 days in jail for a drunken driving arrest last November near Sacramento.
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