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Jeremy Lin gets Linsanity trademark

June 9, 2012


Many people on both sides of the Pacific Ocean have reveled in the phenomenon of Linsanity, but only one man will own the catch phrase’s rights, Jeremy Lin.

On May 26th, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded the phrase to Lin, whose incredible rise from an undrafted rookie to the star point guard of the New York Knicks catapulted him into a global icon. Lin filed the case in February after a man with no ties to the Lin family filed the Linsanity trademark.

“It’s not only Linsanity, but all Lin-related trademarks,” Pamela M. Deese, a partner in the law firm Arent Fox LLP who is working on the player’s behalf, said in a telephone interview. “Having a clean plate with rights in place makes it a lot easier to negotiate licenses and endorsements deals.”

Lin’s capture of Linsanity is a huge boost for the 23 year-old point guard, who has quickly become one of the most popular players in the NBA. He signed an endorsement deal with Volvo in March and there is currently a documentary in the works about his journey from an under-recruited college player to an NBA star.

Lin is currently recovering from knee surgery that ended his season prematurely on April 1.

But, Lin’s legal battles aren’t quite over yet. Lin, a restricted free-agent, is awaiting an appeal filed by the NBA players’ association to allow teams who acquired a player off waivers to retain their Early Bird Rights. Lin was picked up on December 27th by the Knicks after the Houston Rockets released him. Before that, he was let go by the Golden State Warriors in pre-season.

The decision is important for both the Knicks and Lin. If the union wins their appeal, the Knicks will be able to re-sign Lin without using their mid-level exception, which means the Knicks could go above the salary cap to extend Lin to a multi-year deal. Without being forced to use the mid-level of Lin, it would also mean that the Knicks could use the exception to sign another player — a dream scenario for a team that lacks depth.

The decision will be made by the NBA on June 13th.

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Linsanity: Coming to a theater near you

April 19, 2012

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Jeremy Lin’s magical season on the big state Madison Square Garden looks to be over, but the phenomenon of Linsanity appears to still have plenty of life on the big (and small) screen.

In March, Lafeng Entertainment announced “Awesome Basketball Kid,” a 30-episode television series about the life of Jeremy Lin that will air in China. The project is still in pre-production, so no word on exactly when it will air here in the Middle Kingdom, but thanks to some good detective work from Beijing Cream, we do know that the show “will have romantic scenes, which are important segments of the show, as the lead character will be involved in relationships with heroines,” in addition to the obvious basketball angle.

In addition to getting some dramatic made-for-television Chinese television series, Lin will also be the subject of a big screen documentary back in the United States. Here’s the story from the Los Angeles Times:

According to a person familiar with the pitch who was not authorized to talk about it publicly, the movie (no firm title yet, so let your pun-riddled imagination run wild) looks both at Lin’s unlikely run in the NBA as well at his humble background. Los Angeles-born and Palo-Alto raised, Lin shone at Harvard after being passed over by recruiters at college powerhouses, then bounced around pro basketball as an undrafted free agent before landing with the Knicks. The movie will also include elements of his Christian faith.

According to the LA Times article, Evan Jackson Leong, who assisted director Justin Lin on “The Fast and the Furious” franchise, will direct. His resume also includes a documentary about Christianity in Asia called “1040.”

Our opinion: If done right and if done on time, the documentary could definitely be a big hit. But the latter will be an issue — if this is released mid-season 2012-13, Linsanity may have already run its course and demand may be low. With no guarantees about his health or his position on the Knicks’ depth chart (assuming they re-sign him this off-season) either, its possible that he could be due for a bit of a statistical drop off. However, if they can get everything together for a summer release or even an early-to-mid fall one, Lin would still be fresh enough in people’s minds for this thing to really blow up.

Either way, there’s enough demand from the many Linsciples for the documentary for it to be successful. You can bet we’ll be keeping a key eye on this as the news keeps coming out.

In the meantime, we’re taking suggestions for a title in the comments section.

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Guan Weijia: One on one with Jeremy Lin

February 9, 2012

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This article was oringally posted on Sheridan Hoops

Jeremy Lin put on another show Wednesday night, logging his third consecutive 20-plus point game as the New York Knicks defeated the Washington Wizards 107-93.

In Beijing, a certain SheridanHoops.com columnist was back at work following an extended break for Chinese New Year, wondering whether his e-mail pal could pull off another one of the types of performances that had fans at Madison Square Garden chanting “M-V-P” two nights ago.

Lin certainly did, with 23 points, 10 assists and four rebounds.

Lin had a Q and A with this rejuvenated Beijing-based reporter, which is posted below.

SH: When you heard all rapturous chants of “Je-re-my” and “M-V-P”, what were you feeling?

Lin: It was an unbelievable experience and I’m just thankful to God for the opportunity to play at Madison Square Garden and thankful to the fans for their support.

SH: You have such a great performances the last two games. How do you comment on that, and how did your coach and teammates comment on that?

Lin: The team was really happy in general because we really needed the win, and it was a total team effort. We played really hard, especially defensively and we’re glad to get the wins.

SH: A lot of reporters said that your performance was kind of like American Dream comes true. Do you agree with that?

Lin: Yeah, I think it is fair to say that.

SH: Before the game against New Jersey Nets, you had rarely been in the regular rotation. When do you know you would be an important role in that game? How’s your feeling? Nervous or excited?

Lin: I was unsure if I was going to play and how much I would play, but I’m just glad I was able to get comfortable out on the court.

SH: CBS reporter Ken Berger said “Finally the Knicks found the right PG to do the right things”, so what are the right things in your mind?

Lin: The right thing is to attack the defense and take whatever they give us.

SH: During the practices, you play a lot of pick and roll with big guys. Which one do you think you have a good communication with? Amare or Tyson?

Lin:”Both. I’m slowly developing a chemistry with both of them.

SH: What do you think of the Knicks offensive system? Do you think you are a right piece of that?

Lin: The Knicks offense is suitable for me because there’s a lot of pick and rolls and a lot of space.

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Monday Night Chuanr

June 13, 2011


Nighttime links served up proper with a hearty helping of lamb on a stick.  The beer is on you, though.

  • Remember when Bonzi Wells to China was all the rage?  Now, two years removed from lasting only 14 games with the Shanxi Zhongu Brave Dragons, Bonzi is eying a return to the NBA.  The New York Knicks are reportedly interested in adding the 35 year-old at a low cost and invited him to work out at a free-agent camp last week. In a recent profile in The Muncie Star Press, Wells talks about his troubled former career as an NBA player and about his failed experience in China, saying “I didn’t know where to go.  I couldn’t read Chinese. It cost about $5 a minute to use a cell phone, and there were so many censors on the Internet, I couldn’t get on the Internet as much.” We still don’t understand: Teams pay all this money for their import players, yet they can’t protect their investments by simply telling them about something as simple as a VPN…
  • Speaking to reporters just a few weeks before Australia hosts Team China for a three-game exhibition series, Luc Longley, who started at center for the Chicago Bulls when they went through their second three-peat from 1996-1998, worries about Yao Ming.  Heck, even Yao Ming is worrying about Yao Ming.  The injured 7-6 center told China Daily his fractured ankle is only at 30%, adding “I do not dare say I am optimistic right now [about a comeback].”  We’re sure he’ll give it a go — he’s frickin’ Yao Ming, remember? — but as we’ve said time and time again, Yao wouldn’t be under so much pressure to return if China had another NBA-type player ready to replace him.
  • Traveling to China to play exhibition games against fourth rate Chinese university teams, besides allowing the Yale men’s basketball team temporary superstar status, also had another very positive result: An invite to Greg Mangano to try out for the Team U.S.A. World University Games roster, which will be held in Shenzhen, Guangdong province from August 13-23.  If he makes the team, we’ll bet the players will be attached to his hip when/if they go out for Chinese food.
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Alston, noticing trend among shoot-first PGs, talks to Zhejiang

September 22, 2010


Allen Iverson, Steve Francis, Flip Murray and now Rafer Alston are all known to be talking to various CBA teams about playing in China next year.

According to this ESPN Star report, Alston is in discussions with Zhejiang.  The team’s GM, Ye Xiangyu, confirmed interest and shared that contact was made after Alston’s agent suggested the idea of playing in China to him.  Alston, like Francis, played with Yao Ming and the Rockets and is therefore widely known in China by both hardcore and moderate fans of the game.

Preferring to play in the NBA next year, Alston, who was suspended indefinitely by the Heat last March for reportedly going AWOL after being replaced in the starting lineup by Carlos Arroyo, finds himself without a contract or an invite to training camp one month before the season.

UPDATE: The Hoops Market says Alston is waiting for an offer from the Knicks.

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