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The NBL: Kinda sorta worth paying attention to this summer

May 21, 2013


In China, searching for a late night snack is kind of like going into 7-11 at 11:45pm to see that the guang dong zhu is still bubbling: Technically it’s available, but it’s probably best avoided. That’s how we would best sum up the NBL (National Basketball League). Yeah, it’s around. And in the Chinese basketball summertime, […]

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To understand them, you must learn from them

September 30, 2010

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Pretty big news coming out of Shanghai last night.  Former Shanghai Shark head coach, Li Qiuping, will be heading to Cleveland this year to learn the NBA way of doing things from Byron Scott’s next year as China’s first ever NBA assistant coach. In a TV interview (some of which can be seen below), Li […]

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