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Antoine Wright Interview

February 21, 2011


After, living in China for over two and a half years, we’re used to unpredictable randomness.  So when we found out that our next interview, Antoine Wright, was staying right across the hall from a just interviewed James Singleton in the team hotel in Nanjing, we were a little surprised, but not totally shocked.  It […]

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Antoine Wright: Saving Jiangsu’s season and the reputation of NBA players

January 11, 2011


Though no fault of Antoine Wright, former NBA players kind of have a bad rap in the Chinese Basketball Association right now.  Giddy over increased ticket and merchandise revenue from Stephon Marbuy’s half-season with Shanxi last year, the CBA moved to eliminate the long standing import player cap that limited how much money teams could […]

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Monday Morning Jianbing

January 3, 2011


Starting your day right with China’s favorite street breakfast and a bunch of links… This is not news to this space: Basketball is set to become China’s number one sport. If you’re looking for yet another reason why the NBA is keenly interested in China, about 33.9 percent of China’s population is now online.  That’s […]

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Zaijian means goodbye: Davis, James both officially cut

December 31, 2010


Confirming a report published by NiuBBall.com last week, both Mike James and Ricky Davis have been officially cut by their Chinese teams, Zhejiang Chouzhou and Jiangsu. According to The Modern Express (via Sina), Jiangsu will replace Davis with Antonie Wright.  Wright was signed last night after Jiangsu faxed over the final contract to Wright’s agent. […]

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Source: Ricky Davis and Mike James on the way out of China

December 22, 2010

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The Jiangsu Dragons’ Ricky Davis and the Zhejiang Golden Bulls’ Mike James are no strangers to each other on the court, having faced off against each other for years in the NBA.  After going against each other for the first time in China on Sunday, they might have played as opponents for the last. According […]

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Thursday Afternoon Tanghulu

December 16, 2010


Sweetening up your afternoon with a stick of Beijing’s timeless sugar coated snack and some links Jiangsu’s big man in the middle, Tang Zhendgong, ended his long holdout with management late Tuesday night after recent speculation that the seven-foot center wouldn’t play at all this year.  With Tang finally on board, the Dragons now have […]

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Ricky Davis unhappy in Jiangsu

December 15, 2010


After only one game in a Jiangsu Dragons uniform, and Ricky Davis is already unhappy with his new Chinese teammates. Following a 115-04 loss to DongGuan New Century in their season opener, Davis was the last player to leave the stadium as he sat motionless in the locker room, according to a report by Basketball […]

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