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Sichuan Blue Whales win promotion to CBA, round out new foreign lineup

October 7, 2013


Southwestern China has been starving for some top level basketball for a long time. They won’t have to wait any longer. Last month, the CBA officially announced the promotion of the Sichuan Jinqiang Blue Whales to the Chinese Basketball Association, and will become the 18th team in the league. The decision, which was officially announced […]

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CBA Round 34 Recap

February 16, 2012

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Beijing – 94 @ Guangsha – 114 For a full recap, check out Edward Bothfeld’s report from Hangzhou. Box Score Qingdao – 101 @ Foshan – 107 Guangsha’s win put Qingdao’s late season playoff surge permanently to rest, but Qingdao ultimately buried themselves by losing their must-win game at Foshan. Marcus Douthit lead all Dralion scorers with […]

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CBA Round 27 Recap

January 31, 2012


Fujian – 90 @ Shanghai – 94 A nervy Shanghai Sharks held on to beat the Fujian Sturgeons after a flurry of clutch three pointers pulled the home side away from danger in the closing seconds of the game. Anthony Roberson was a constant menace for the visitors and lit up the Sharks at times […]

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Tianjin replaces David Harrison with Herve Lamizana

January 29, 2012


While other teams were either on vacation or doing two-a-day practices during the Spring Festival, Tianjin Ronggang used the period to welcome back a familiar foreigner to the team. In a move that was rumored for a while before officially coming to fruition just before the holiday, Tianjin released center David Harrison and signed forward […]

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2011-2012 CBA Preview

November 20, 2011


J.R. Smith is just one of many reasons why people are more excited than ever to watch the CBA this season. Technically, the 2011-12 regular season started tonight. Paced by Othello Hunter’s 11 points and 21 rebounds The visiting Shandong Golden Bulls took out the Foshan Dralions in front of a national audience, 93-79. Normally, that’d […]

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Bob MacKinnon Jr. Interview

September 29, 2011


Bob MacKinnon Jr., who spent last season in the Chinese Basketball Association with Tianjin Rongcheng, takes a moment to instruct a player during a late season game against Jiangsu in March.(Photo: Sina Sports) The wild world of the Chinese Basketball Association has had a long, noticeable history of foreign players, numbers of which have only […]

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Vernon Hamilton Interview

March 7, 2011


Hungry: It’s the feeling most foreigners living in China experience a mere two hours after chowing down on a plate of some cheap Chinese food.  It’s also the adjective best used to describe Tianjin’s newest import guard, Vernon Hamilton, who has come to play in China this season with the intention of coming back next […]

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Patrick O’Bryant signs with Fujian SBS

September 29, 2010


My man Black Thought once taught me something extremely useful: “Never do what they do.” Fujian SBS either listened intently to Illadelph Halflife (highly unlikely), or they just went against the grain on their own (much more reasonable). While almost everyone else is going for inefficient, shoot-first ex-NBA point-guards , Fujian completed a deal with Patrick O’Bryant, […]

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