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Qingdao Double Star releases Jarron Collins, signs Lester Hudson; Ike Diogu next?

November 13, 2011


With a little over a week to week to go before the start of the 2011-12 season, Qingdao Double Star, the league’s only remaining team without a full import roster, made two big moves yesterday. In a surprise move, the Eagles announced the signing of guard Lester Hudson, according to Sohu Sports. Hudson, who was […]

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Several CBA teams keeping tabs on NBA’s Wednesday cuts

January 5, 2011


As we near the one month mark in the CBA regular season, several teams are looking towards America to remedy a host of early season ills. With today being the final day NBA teams can waive players with partially guaranteed contracts — no extra salary payments required — several teams in China are closely monitoring the League […]

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Fred Jones signs contract with Guangdong Southern Tigers

November 3, 2010


Three time defending champ, Guangdong, has just bolstered their title defense with the acquisition of 2004 NBA Slam Dunk champion, Fred Jones, according to Tencent. A seven year NBA veteran, Jones was selected with the 14th overall pick out of Oregon in 2002 by the Indiana Pacers.  After spending four years as a Pacer  playing predominantly off […]

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Josh Boone to Zhejiang; Mike Harris and Fred Jones in talks

October 14, 2010


A little late with this, as yesterday was dominated by Rockets – Nets and the “Throwdown in Henan,” but three more ex-NBA players, Josh Boone, Mike Harris and Fred Jones are all at varying stages in the CBA contract process. Titan 24 is reporting that the CBA’s Zhejiang Golden Bulls (which is an entirely different […]

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