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Dwyane Wade to sign with Li-Ning?

August 19, 2012


Dwyane Wade looks like he’s set to join Evan Turner at Li-Ning Is a Chinese shoe company about to sign a major, in-their-prime NBA superstar? Well, if you believe everything you read on Twitter, it certainly sounds like it. From a dude who knows a thing or two about sneakers, SoleCollector’s Nick DePaula on Friday: Hearing […]

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Chinese shoe companies: A case of too much, too soon?

July 26, 2011


“Over-expanding” in an effort to compete inside of a crowded Chinese shoe market has resulted in a sharp overall downturn for China’s athletic apparel industry. The expansion of Chinese athletic apparel brands has been an easy trend to spot for basketball fans both in the United States and in China. Over the last few summers, there […]

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Li Ning’s newest Evan Turner promotion: Win a RoboDoll, learn Chinese player tendencies

April 1, 2011


Over the 24 and a half years of my life, I’ve played a crapload of basketball.  And as somebody who has lived in China for almost three years, I’ve also played a crapload of basketball against against every imaginable type of Chinese competition.  Farmers, professional streetball teams, college teams, students, teachers, professional youth players, company […]

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