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Friday Morning Jianbing

December 16, 2011


Starting your day right with China’s favorite street breakfast and a bunch of links… We’re not sure if this “extreme form of basketball” can actually be considered as basketball since there are no baskets… but, it’s still pretty lihai nonetheless. Gerald Green wasn’t good enough for the Foshan Dralions, but he’s apparently good enough for the […]

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Tyson Chandler says no to Guangsha, Jiangsu pursuing Rashad McCants

November 23, 2011


No start to a CBA season is complete without at least two teams switching imports and 2011-12 is no different as both Zhejiang Guangsha and Jiangsu Nangang are already unhappy with their choices in the foreign market. Two days ago, ESPN.com’s Marc Stein wrote that Guangsha had offered a lucrative contract to Dallas Mavericks center […]

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2011-2012 CBA Preview

November 20, 2011


J.R. Smith is just one of many reasons why people are more excited than ever to watch the CBA this season. Technically, the 2011-12 regular season started tonight. Paced by Othello Hunter’s 11 points and 21 rebounds The visiting Shandong Golden Bulls took out the Foshan Dralions in front of a national audience, 93-79. Normally, that’d […]

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After an early lockout rush, NBA free-agents may be turning their back on China

November 2, 2011


Zhejiang Guangsha made headlines this offseason for signing Denver Nuggets forward, Wilson Chandler, as one of the first NBA-to-CBA player this season. And if it were up to them, they’d make more headlines for signing another NBA player to play along with him. Too bad it’s not. According to a source speaking anonymously with NiuBBall, […]

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Weekend Jianbing

October 9, 2011


Getting your weekend going with China’s best and most versatile street snack. Kenyon Martin is in Urumqi with the Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers and he’s talking to Yahoo!’s Marc Spears about his decision to come to China, his old NBA squad, the Denver Nuggets, and his future in the NBA. Definitely worth the read, but just […]

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Earl Clark leaves Zhejiang Guangsha for “personal reasons”

September 28, 2011


Earl Clark was the first NBA free-agent to sign in the Chinese Basketball Association this year. Now, he’s the first the leave. Talking to HoopsHype, Earl Clark’s agent, Happy Walters, has confirmed a hoopCHINA report that Clark and his Chinese team, Zhejiang Guanghsa, have gone their separate ways. Walters said Clark is citing “personal reasons” […]

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J.R. Smith signs for record amount with Zhejiang Chouzhou

September 14, 2011


Move over Wilson Chandler and Earl Clark. You’re not the only two NBA players in Zhejiang, China, anymore. An anonymous source with knowledge of the situation has told NiuBBall.com that Denver Nuggets free-agent guard, J.R. Smith, has signed a contract with the Chinese Basketball Assocation’s Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Bulls. The deal is estimated to be […]

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For many foreign players, China is only temporary

September 9, 2011


To the outsider, China and its population of 1.3 billion looks like a land of unlimited opportunity. With its booming economy, huge markets in almost every sector and a currency that is exchanged favorably from Western currency, the Middle Kingdom stands out like big red beacon for adventurous, global minded business people who think they can […]

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With new rules officially set, CBA teams snapping up import players

September 5, 2011


Now that the Chinese Basketball Association has set its rules on foreign players for the upcoming season, we’ve seen a ton of action over the last weeks as teams look to get their rosters set in time for the new season. Some of the league’s contenders/big-money teams have already signed a few guys — Xinjiang […]

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Agent: Thaddeus Young receiving ‘serious interest’ from Chinese teams

August 31, 2011


With Earl Clark and Wilson Chandler having signed in China over the past two weeks, the NBA free-agent exodus looks to be just heating up. From Jorge Sierra over at Hoopshype: Count free agent forward Thaddeus Young among those who could potentially end up playing in China. Agent Jim Tanner told HoopsHype Young has been drawing plenty of attention […]

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Wilson Chandler signs with Zhejiang Guangsha

August 30, 2011


Denver Nuggets forward, Wilson Chandler, is heading over to Hangzhou. From ESPN.com: Wilson Chandler said he has signed a contract with the Zhejiang Guangsha of the Chinese Basketball Association, a move that would essentially preclude him from participating in the 2011-12 NBA season if the lockout ends and the games begin. …Chandler’s agent, Chris Luchey, did […]

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