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Tag Archives: Beijing Shougang Ducks

Marbury’s new extension shows his commitment to basketball’s development in China

October 18, 2013



Stephon Marbury will keep playing in the CBA for at laest another three years.

The recent announcement of Stephon Marbury’s three-year contract with the Beijing Ducks, which came prior to the team’s exhibition game against Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid, really came as no surprise to anyone who has followed the league over the last four years. It has been the New York native’s ambition to finish his career in China.

In fact, if anyone has followed Marbury’s career since he joined the capital team in the 2011-12 season this is a just a sign of not only his commitment to the Ducks, but also a very strong commitment to the development of the game in China.


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Earthquake: Beijing Olympians owner, Milton Lee, dies unexpectedly; Sun Yue signs with Beijing Ducks

October 2, 2013



Winston Lee, owner of the Beijing Olympians, the team who developed Sun Yue, died suddenly of a heart attack on September 18th.

From the onset of the Beijing Olympians establishment, the team and its eccentric owner, Winston Lee, always set out to do things differently.

Now, after Lee’s sudden passing and the departure of star player Sun Yue, the Olympians might not be able to do anything at all.

On September 26th, Chinese media reported that Lee, the longtime owner of the Olympians, had died of a sudden heart attack in Beijing. It was later discovered that Lee had actually passed on the 18th, but the news had been withheld from the public for a week. Lee was 55 years-old.

Lee’s unfortunate and sad death coincides with another ground-shaking piece of news out of the Olympians camp: National Team guard/forward, Sun Yue, is signing with the Beijing Ducks. According to Chinese media, the deal is worth CNY 4 million per year over two years. In addition, three other Olympian players, Zhang Songtao, Li Wei and Huang Haibei, will join the Ducks for the upcoming season as well.


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Shanghai Sharks announce Wang Qun has head coach; re-sign Max Zhang

May 16, 2013



Things are going to be a lot different in Shanghai next season.

Last Friday, the Sharks held a press conference to announce a combination of decisions that will have a huge impact on the club’s short-term and long-term direction: the appointment of Wang Qun as head coach, and the re-signing of “Max” Zhang Zhaoxu.

Wang, who has had a long history with the Sharks and owner Yao Ming, will become the first official Chinese head coach since Yao took control over the club in 2009. He had been serving in an interim role after American Dan Pannagio was fired mid-season last year.


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CBA playoffs set to start on February 27; Beijing to start title defense against Guangsha

February 18, 2013



After 34 rounds, the Chinese Basketball Association has its eight playoff teams.

Defending champion, Beijing, who finished the season as the league’s third seed, will play sixth seeded Guangsha. Guangsha, who was locked in a late-season battle with DongGuan, Zhejiang and Shanxi for a post-season berth, jumped over everybody after beating Jiangsu at home last night 116-100.

At the top of the standings, Guangdong, who guaranteed themselves as the league’s top seed weeks ago, will play against Zhejiang. Despite losing on the road last night against Shanxi, who also finished the season with the same 16-16 record, Zhejiang clinched their spot after winning out on head-to-head point differential tiebreaker.

In other match-ups, second seed Shandong will play against DongGuan and fourth seed Xinjiang will play Liaoning.

The best-of-five first round, which implements 1-2-1-1 format with the lower seeded team hosting Game 1, will start on February 27. All games will start at 7:35pm.

The full first round schedule is as follows:

2/27 – Wednesday
Guangdong at Zhejiang
Shandong at DongGuan
Xinjiang at Liaoning
Beijing at Guangsha

3/1 – Friday
Zhejiang at Guangdong
DongGuan at Shandong
Liaoning at Xinjiang
Guangsha at Beijing

3/3 – Sunday
Zhejiang at Guangdong
DongGuan at Shandong
Liaoning at Xinjiang
Guangsha at Beijing

3/6 – Wednesday (if necessary)
Guangdong at Zhejiang
Shandong at DongGuan
Xinjiang at Liaoning
Beijing at Guangsha

3/8 – Friday (if necessary)
Zhejiang at Guangdong
DongGuan at Shandong
Liaoning at Xinjiang
Guangsha at Beijing

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Beijing to play in Wukesong for entirety of post-season

February 8, 2013



Good news for Beijing, bad news for everyone else: The Ducks will be defending their championship in the same place they won it last year, the 18,000 seat MasterCard Center (formerly knows as Wukesong Arena). And this time, they’ll be playing every home game there.

The move was officially approved last week by the Beijing City Sports Bureau.

Last season, the Ducks, capitalizing off of the unprecedented attention and popularity from a cinderella-esque run to the CBA Finals, successfully moved their home court from the smaller and comparatively drab Shougang Gymnasium to the NBA-quality Wukesong Arena, which served as the main basketball stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Coming into the final series as heavy underdogs against four-time defending champ, the Guangdong Southern Tigers, the Ducks shocked the nation by handily defeating their opponents in five games, going undefeated at home while playing in front of sold out crowds.The Ducks’ intensified home court advantage served as a major reason why the team was able to upset their opponents, and the three games were the largest crowd ever for a CBA game

The Ducks attempted to move the regular season home opener to the arena, but were eventually blocked due to an Elton John concert.

With every home game to be played there in the post-season, the Ducks now have what is without a doubt the best home court advantage in the league, assuming of course fans flock to the stadium like they did last season. And now that the Ducks seem to have found their groove after beating first-place Guangdong last Sunday, talks of a repeat are now squarely back on the table.

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Beijing’s Min Lulei instructs players to attack the basket because, “We’ve got a good whistle”

January 22, 2013



In the Chinese Basketball Association, referees are an ongoing issue. And that’s putting it nicely. Accusations and rumors of point shaving, bribes and various related corruption have all been thrown around, by fans, media and most recently, Tracy McGrady, who was ultimately fined and suspended for publicly criticizing referees.

The most recent case: Sunday’s abomination of a basketball game between Qingdao (again) and Tianjin, which ended in double overtime after 119 total fouls foul shots and six players fouled out. If you’re a CBA vet, you should know how it turned out: Qingdao, playing at home, won on a terrible end-of-game foul off the ball that sent Chris Daniels to the stripe for the two game-clinching free throws. If anyone is interested in either reliving the nightmare or experiencing it for the first time, Anthony Tao over at Beijing Cream has provided the world with video and words that vividly detail the game and the officiating.

The entire game was pathetic no doubt, but as the lessons learned long ago in CBA Officiating 101 continue to remind me: This is how it goes down here. Teams typically get a good whistle when at home, and a bad one when on the road. The degree can vary from a few calls here and there, to some key calls in crunch time all the way to the Wow, I didn’t know it was even possible to get screwed like that-type of officiating. (Of course, that rule is thrown out the window when you play Bayi, in which case you’re getting an extra bad whistle with a bad scorer’s table and an incompetent towel boy on top.)

And though that fact is known, recognized and acknowledged throughout the league in private, publicly nobody offers up even a peep for fear of punishment from the league… Unless a television camera sneaks into your huddle during a timeout and records everything your head coach is saying, which is what happened last Sunday night during Beijing’s nationally televised game against Xinjiang.


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Five things to take away from last night’s CBA opener

November 25, 2012


One of many flops from last night’s Beijing-Shanghai CBA regular season opener.

The lights went out, bad music was sung, championship rings were passed out and with that, the 2012-13 Chinese Basketball Association regular season finally got underway with a result that happened frequently last year: A Beijing win.

Playing in their first game since winning the title last year, the Ducks avoided a ring ceremony hangover by running over the visiting Shanghai Sharks, 94-78. Randolph Morris lead the Ducks with 23 points, Ji Zhe had 19 and Stephon Marbury ran the offensive very effectively for 16 points and eight assists.

D.J. White lead all scorers with 24 points and also grabbed 17 rebounds.

In a game rife with storylines, the most hyped-up being the Gilbert Arenas-Marbury individual matchup, the game’s luster was decreased dramatically when Arenas left the game midway through the first quarter with a groin pull. He did not return for the rest of the game and the Sharks were thus forced to play agains the defending champs with one import player.

Yet despite that relative disappointment, we’re keeping it positive in here and giving everybody five observations we took note of while we took in the game last night inside Shougang Gymnasium.

Box Score


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The definitive CBA preview

November 22, 2012


Stephon Marbury and the Beijing Ducks won the title last year… But will they have enough to repeat in 2012-13? (Photo: Osports)

Moreso than ever, the Chinese Basketball Association has become quite difficult to predict pre-season.

It’s hard to predict first of all because we generally stink at predictions, but more importantly that the league is as deep as its ever been top-to-bottom. There’s a more than a few reasons for that — more off-season player movement, more players going abroad to train in the summer, better coaching in-country, a commitment to strength and conditioning programs and better foreign players all round out the top of our list. But the end result of all that should be a very watchable and exciting league this season. Which is a good thing for us fans, of course.

Bad thing for NiuBBall’s annual predictions, however.

By our count, there’s 11 and possibly 12 teams (depending on how well you think Tracy McGrady is going to do in Qingdao) who have a shot at the playoffs. That’s well over half the league. If you think DongGuan is ready to make a jump (we do), then there are now four teams who could sport legitimate Finals cases. Building on Beijing’s buck-the-trend run to a championship last year, there appears to be a level of parody in the league. Pencilling in the top two, top four and top eight is no longer easy.

So as always, take what is about to come with a grain of salt and know that most likely this will all be very wrong.


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After all of that Finals MVP controversy jibber jabber, Lee Hsueh-Lin now has a golden sneaker

November 13, 2012

1 Comment

Almost eight months after the 2011-12 CBA Finals, Beijing guard, Lee Hsueh-lin, finally has his MVP trophy… er, sneaker.

Remember when Stephon Marbury should have won CBA Finals MVP, but didn’t because he’s a foreigner? Seems like a while ago, right? Well, that’s because it was a while ago. Almost eight months to be exact.

Remember who won the award instead? No? Well up until this very day, neither did anybody else.

Whether it was to allow almost three-quarters of a year to let the public backlash against the anti-foreigner rule cool off, or because the decision was just that difficult, the powers that be at the Chinese Basketball Association held off in officially handing out the award… for eight months. As in 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. Like, count-that-on-two-hands eight. Or one if you know how to count Chinese style. You know what I mean. A long time.

Of course within that amount of time, the league refused to do the one thing in which it should have done — change the rule — but did you really expect that to happen?

Instead, the league settled on Beijing’s Taiwanese guard, Lee Hsueh-lin. And we’ll give out some credit: If foreigners are ineligible, Lee is the right call. Dubbed “Mr. 48 Minutes” by Chinese media because dude practically never came out of the game during the Ducks’ magical Finals run, Lee  averaged 11.4 points, 3.4 assists, 4.6 rebounds and 2.6 steals and a three-point percentage of42% over five games against the Guangdong Southern Tigers. All while playing with a back injury.

For his troubles, he gets a golden sneaker that according to this NetEase article made out of 270 grams of gold. Another interesting factoid: Lee becomes the first Taiwanese player to win a CBA MVP. So that’s cool.

…But Stephon Marbury still should have won.

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Shanghai-Beijing CBA opener at Wukesong in doubt because of… Elton John?

October 11, 2012

1 Comment

Because of a scheduling conflict, “Crocodile Rock” will likely be played live inside Wukesong Arena instead of Beijing-Shanghai’s CBA season opener.

And just when you were getting all excited to see the Chinese Basketball Association make its triumphant return to Wukesong… Elton John has to come along and potentially ruin everything.

According to the Beijing Evening Post, the rumored end-of-November season opener between Beijing and Shanghai at Wukesong Arena (now officially known as MasterCard Center) is in major doubt because of a scheduling conflict with an Elton John concert booked for the same night.

According to the report, the CBA originally requested the game be played on November 27th and the arena kept the date for the league. But after considering it further, the league opted to change the opener to the 24th, which John’s people had already booked for their show. With John’s show having been on the calendar for quite some time, Beijing-Shanghai is seriously in doubt and unless the league can find another date, “there’s definitely no way for the game to be played at [Wukesong Arena],” according to an anonymous insider who’s quoted in the article.

Our question is: How was this not known by CBA schedule makers before leaking all that to the press? I mean, tickets for the Elton John show are available on… seems like an awfully big thing to miss.

Hey, we enjoy “Tiny Dancer” as much as the next guy — but count us in the group that thinks this officially sucks.

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2012-13 CBA season opener to feature Beijing and Shanghai in Wukesong

September 19, 2012

1 Comment

Beijing will open its title defense in the same Wukesong Arena where they lifted the trophy last April.

Good news for CBA fans: It looks like the league and its schedule makers are finally starting to get it.

In an interview with CCTV yesterday, director of the Chinese Basketball Association competition department, Bai Xilin, stated that the 2012-13 season will kick off with the Beijing Ducks playing host to the Shanghai Sharks in Beijing. As to which venue it will be played in, Bai was not specific, though he did indicate. that the game would not be played at Beijing’s regular home court at Shougang Gymnasium, which in turn has opened up speculation that the two teams will play at the MasterCard Center (formerly Wukesong Arena).

No date has been set as of yet; however, Bai said the new season would start “sometime in the end of November.”

Shanghai went 18-14 last season before losing to Shanxi Zhongyu in five games in the first round of the CBA playoffs. Beijing, who went 21-11, won their first ever CBA championship, defeating then four-time defending champ, Guangdong Hongyuan, in five games.

In addition to the season opener, Bai also touched on some other league issues: There will be no changes to the structure of the schedule this season, nor will there be a salary cap. Widespread changes to the league have been discussed by owners and investors over the course of the offseason, talks which have come both as a result of last season’s record breaking foreign player salaries and the failure of the Chinese National Team to win a game at this summer’s Olympics in London. Bai hinted, however, that talks are ongoing and that reforms will likely take place in 2013-14.

The Ducks-Sharks showdown in Wukesong should have fans excited. And if that matchup indeed holds to be true, bravo to the CBA. Deciding to continue the incredible fan support Beijing built up last year en route to their championship by playing the first game of the year at the 18,000 seat, NBA-caliber Wukesong Arena — a venue which the team sold out in each of their three Finals games against Guangdong — will be a great way to keep that excitement going into this year.

And big kudos to the matchup itself, too. Although Shanghai doesn’t have a lot of on-court history with Beijing, the two cities have their fair share of beef as the longstanding Jing-Hu which-city-is-better-debate generally exemplifies the whole North-South rivalry that exists inside of Chinese culture. People will be amped to get to the stadium and cheer on their defending champs regardless of the opponent, but the fact that the matchup will have genuine meaning will only add to what should be a great occasion.

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Beijing signs 2011-12 CBA Chinese scoring champ, Li Gen

August 19, 2012


Beijing Ducks fans will be hoping Li Gen’s career season last year in Qingdao will carry over to the capital city in 2012-13. (Photo:

Beijing’s boosted their chances for a successful title defense by officially signing one of the most explosive scorers in China, Li Gen. According to reports, the contract, originally said to be worth close to CNY 2 million per season, is over three years. Beijing general manger, Yuan Chao, denied that the deal was worth that much.

Last year for Qingdao, Li averaged 18 points a game to lead all Chinese players in scoring. He scored a career high 41 points in a win against Beijing on February 5th. He also won the CBA All-Star Game MVP, scoring 31 points to lead the North All-Stars over the South in Guangzhou.

The 24 year-old was a free-agent after spending the last two seasons on the coast of Shandong province. He made his senior level CBA in 2008-09, where he averaged 9.5 points over 23.5 minutes a game for last-placed Shanghai. The next season, however, he saw a sharp drop in playing time and production as then newly arrived head coach, Bob Donewald Jr. felt his defense needed vast improving. Li was ultimately shipped to Qingdao in 2010-11.

For Beijing, the signing speaks volumes about both their short and long-term ambitions. In the immediate future, the burly 6-5 guard/forward gives them an added scoring punch and a player who can create offense for himself. With Stephon Marbury getting up there in age, Li’s ability to get his own shot will take some of the pressure off of the American point guard to do pretty much everything on the perimeter. Li will also allow Chen Lei, who has also battled age and injuries in recent years, to take a step back in minutes.

Long-term, Beijing now has a very promising trio of young Chinese players to build around. 19 year-old Zhai Xiaochuan and 22 year-old Zhu Yanxi were both critical elements to Beijing’s title run last year as rookies, and both look to have long careers as top-level domestic players with the team. Teamed with Li, the three immediately become one of the best group of young, senior level teammates in the league.

It’s impossible to know where Guangdong fits into the CBA title picture as their import situation is still up in the air, but with Li coming on board to join Marbury and Randolph Morris, both of whom have re-signed for next year, as well as Zhai, Zhu, Chen and Lee Hsueh-lin, Beijing — at least for now — looks as the favorite to repeat as champions.

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Su Wei got married

July 28, 2012


Su Wei and his new wife.

It’s been a rough few months for Guangdong center, Su Wei.

Back in April during Game 1 of the CBA Finals against Beijing, the big seven-footer was caught on live television cursing out Stephon Marbury after Su’s teammate, Zhou Peng, tried to intentionally injure Marbury with a Kobra Kai sweep the leg reenactment.

That incident then gave rise to “Su Wei Sha Bi” — Su Wei is a stupid cunt — which was yelled at the highest possible volume by each and everyone of Wukesong Arena’s 18,000 Ducks fans before the CBA stepped in and threatened to move Beijing’s home Game 5 to a third-tier city if fans couldn’t clean up their mouths.

By the time Game 4 came back to Beijing, Su, had lost his spot in the Guangdong rotation altogether thanks to some truly awful play on both ends and thus found himself strapped to the bench for the entire game and the rest of series. And so “Huan Su Wei,” — sub Su Wei — was born, becoming the chant/movement/slogan that defined the series and will continue to haunt him every time he plays in Beijing (and possibly other cities, too).

It got worse for Su, though. After losing their title to Beijing, Su then lost something arguably of greater value: His spot on the National Team. On the roster for both the 2010 FIBA World Championship and 2011 FIBA Asia Championship, Su was one of the final cuts for London as head coach Bob Donewald Jr. opted for a smaller, more athletic team in where all 12 players could catch passes and make open lay-ups.

But after being made a national mockery and losing his spot in London, it appears things are looking up for Big Su: Dude apparently got married earlier this week.

A set of photos, which were sent into Sina Sports by a Sina Weibo user on July 23rd, show Su and his new wife at a wedding ceremony somewhere in China. No word as to what the bride’s name is or where she’s from. Congrats to dude and the new wife, who hopefully won’t want to “Huan Su Wei” if he loses his minutes again.

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First a statue, now a book for Stephon Marbury

June 28, 2012

1 Comment

Stephon Marbury’s autobiography, I am Commissar Marbury, will be out in China on June 30th.

Stephon Marbury has gone from Chinese professional basketball player, to CBA champion, to Beijing city hero, to bronze statue… and now to published author. An autobiography, Wo Shi Ma Zheng Wei (I am Commissar Marbury), will hit Chinese bookstores on June 30th.

From a Sina Sports writeup: “From Shanxi to Foshan to Beijing, the book gives the account of an NBA star who was completely ignorant of China and his transformation into a ‘Beijing Boy.'”

The book will focus on Marbury’s life story from growing up in Coney Island, his days playing basketball in high school and college, his NBA career and finally three-year journey in the CBA that culminated with a league championship this season in Beijing. It will be sold for CNY 39.80 (roughly US $6.30).

The book is being written alongside Chinese journalist Wang Meng, who writes about basketball for Titan Sports Weekly. There is no word as to whether the book will be written in English.

According to the same Sina story, Marbury, who is back in the States recuperating from ankle surgery, will fly back to Beijing on the 28th. He will be at the Zhongguancun Bookstore on the 30th at 10:30am to hold a book signing event for fans. We’ll still be in the States so we’ll miss the festivities, but anybody who’s planning on going can always shoot an email or leave something in the comments.

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Monday Night Chuanr

June 12, 2012

1 Comment

Nighttime links served up proper with a hearty helping of lamb on a stick.  The beer is on you, though.


  • The Shanghai Sharks’ planned trip to the Philippines later this month for a few exhibition games has been posponed indefinitely.  The Sharks say their players’ passports aren’t ready, but the Philippines Sports Commission is suspecting that the decision to stay in China is a result of a standoff in the South China Sea that has caused a decline in relations between the two countries.
  • Min Lulei, head coach of reigning CBA champ Beijing Shougang, in an interview during his visit to Europe this month: “I want to learn about European basketball systems. It is very difficult for Chinese players, who play a one-on-one game. We want to learn how to play the European systems, play as a team, as a group, so that we can have more success.”
  • Friend of NiuBBall, Chris Denker of NetScouts Basketball, just lead a team of recent American women’s college graduates to first place at a 14-day event in China. You can go to to check out the full recap.
  • Sneakerheads will enjoy this little backstory about the just released “Year of the Dragon” editions of Chris Paul’s Jordan CP3 V.
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