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NiuBBall Recommends


NiuBBall fully supports all of those who are interested in learning more about China basketball. Below is a list of what we feel are the best websites, books, articles and documentaries for those who want to dig further.

Please note that this list is an ongoing one. If you think we’re missing anything, leave a comment or contact us directly.

*In Chinese



  • Operation Yao Ming: The Chinese Sports Empire, American Big Business, and the Making of an NBA Superstar by Brook Larmer
  • Brave Dragons: A Chinese Basketball Team, an American Coach and Two Cultures Clashing by Jim Yardley — NiuBBall review
  • One in a Billion by Kai Chen
  • Yao: A Life in Two Worlds by Yao Ming with Ric Bucher
  • Training the Body for China: Sports in the Moral Order of the People’s Republic by Susan Brownell
  • Marrow of the Nation: A History of Sport and Physical Culture in China by Andrew D. Morris
  • 《李元伟篮坛风云路》by 李元伟*


Documentaries / Movies:

  • 赛季 (Season)*
  • The Year of the Yao
  • Linsanity
  • Jiàoliàn (Coach)
  • 女篮5号 (Woman Basketball Player No. 5)*


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