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When was the CBA first established?

The CBA was started in 1996. The 2015-6 season marks the league’s 21st season.

How many teams are in the CBA?

There are currently 20 teams. They’re listed here.

How many games are in the regular season?

The regular season is broken down into 38 rounds. Each team plays each other twice, once at home and once on the road, for a total of 38 games.

How many teams make the playoffs? What is the format?

Eight teams make the playoffs. The first round and semi-finals are both best-of-five and the finals are best-of-seven.

When is the All-Star Game played?

CBA All-Star Weekend is held in between the end of the regular season and the beginning of the playoffs.

How many foreign players does each team have?

With the exception of the Bayi Rockets, who are not allowed to have imports because of their affiliation with the People’s Liberation Army, every team can register up to two non-Asian foreign players. Additionally, the worst five teams from the previous season can register an a third Asian foreign. An Asian player must have a valid passport from a registered FIBA Asia country and cannot be a dual citizen.

What are the rules on playing time for foreign players?

Non-Asian players are allowed to play a combined six quarters per game.

For example, if “Import A” played the entire first quarter and “Import B” played the entire second quarter, that would add up to two quarters total. Under that scenario, they then could take the court together for the entire second half, as both Import A and B would play two quarters each in the second half to make a grand total of six combined quarters. Time/minutes played do not factor into the equation — a player is assessed as having one quarter played the second he checks into the game.

Asian imports are under no playing time restrictions.

There is one important exception to this rule: Against the Bayi Rockets, teams are only allowed to play their imports five combined quarters and only one import can play in the fourth quarter. This rule also includes Asian players.

How many times are teams allowed to switch foreign players?

During the pre-season, teams are allowed to cut and replace their foreign players as many times as they want. Once the season starts, however, there is a limit of two replacements per team. During the All-Star break in between the regular season and post-season, teams are given an additional replacement.

Where can I look up scores and stats?

In English, Asia-Basket does an excellent job in both updating scores and statistics in a timely fashion. For Chinese sites, we prefer Sina’s CBA site.

Where can I watch live games on TV?

In China, CCTV-5 nationally broadcasts multiple games per week. In addition, many games are shown locally by provincial and regional sports channels. You can check listings for CCTV and other channels here.



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