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Basketball Pioneers: LeBron James wanted US $5 million to come to China last year

September 17, 2012


According to an anonymous Chinese general manager, LeBron James wanted to play in the CBA last year for US $5 million. How things change in a year. Roughly one year ago, the NBA lockout was raging and rumors of a mass overseas player migration were swirling as the work stoppage in the States seemed to […]

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Jordan commercial reminds us why China matters

October 29, 2011


Why China? It’s a question we immediately tackled when we first started this China/basketball blog back in September 2010. The really short version: Because China matters. Like, really matters. We believe it because everywhere you go in this country, you see people playing basketball. We believe it because Yao Ming was being nominated for a spot […]

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Nike has 4 billion reasons to root for the Heat

May 21, 2011


The NBA is a superstar’s league, which means that it is likely going to be the Miami Heat’s league, possibly as early as this June. While a lot of people back in the States are hoping that ‘Bron ‘Bron and the SuperFriends remain ringless for a long time, the people at Nike are most definitely […]

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More evidence that The Decision was all about China?

April 15, 2011


Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images AsiaPac The case for LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach in order to appeal to the biggest market in the world, China, might have grown with the announcement that James’ LRMR Branding & Marketing are formally partnering up with John Henry and Tom Werner’s Fenway Sports Group “to become the […]

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Was The Decision all about China?

December 29, 2010


As we approach 2011, LeBron James and The Decision are kind of old news.  His move to south Florida to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh has been prodded and analyzed from every conceivable (and unconceivable) angle, with people from all walks of life contributing to the merciless beatdown of a once well-liked and respected athlete. He […]

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