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Two words sum up the newest trailer for Chinese basketball movie, “Amazing:” Holy. Shnikes.

June 27, 2013


Make sure you’re sitting down comfortably and that there are no breakables around your computer. OK? Now click and watch.


Where to begin? After bringing my pulse rate down, the premise appears simple enough: Take some of of the things Chinese males like (video games, basketball, NBA stars, CBA stars, virtual reality, alternate universes, women, other cool stuff), put them all onto the big screen and you have “Amazing,” a sci-fi/action/fantasy/basketball movie due out in China in late 2013.

According to the LA Times, the 3-D movie is being backed by the NBA, features several Chinese and American current and former basketball superstars, and cost around U.S. $10 million to make. The plot goes something like this:

“Amazing” centers on a video game company boss, Frank (Eric Mabius of TV’s “Ugly Betty”), who is eager to rush his firm’s new thought-controlled basketball game to market, despite the objections of the project leader Bingshan (popular Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming), who warns that a bug in the system could escape the computer and infect players’ brains.

Along the way, Anthony shows up to coach an after-school program in China and speaks Shanghainese. Pippen materializes at the bedside of his No. 1 Chinese fan, and wakes him from a coma by massaging his legs. Howard appears in a light blue spandex superhero get-up with a cape and tries to use chopsticks.

So other cool stuff includes male leg massages and what is bound to be some terrible Shanhainese. Though ‘Melo gets major props for trying. Hey, I’m with it either way. Other cool stuff also apparently includes weird sexual connotations from D-12:

“Think about the basketball as being a girl,” Howard tells Bingshan in one memorable line of dialogue during a one-on-one pickup game. “You’ve got to hold her, caress her, kiss her, and when you do that, she’ll make you happy.”

There’s also a “love triangle” involved, too. No word whether an actual basketball is one of the three sides involved in that triangle.

The LA Times is also reporting that the movie’s release will coincide with China’s National Day holidays in early October, which conveniently enough will also be around the same time the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors come to Beijing and Shanghai for the 2013 China Games.

We have no idea what to expect with this; we just know we will be seeing this. This trailer is so epic, it’d be a travesty not to. Even if we remained totally bummed out they didn’t call Mengke Bateer, who has a better acting resume than any of the pro players involved in this… combined.

(H/T @Trey Kirby and The Basketball Jones)


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Wang Xiaonan: Gerald Green’s delusional disorder

June 4, 2013

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Living in Beijing, two things consistently warm our hearts: Buy one, get the other half off McFlurry’s at McDonald’s and when we get emails from people who want to write for NiuBBall. We’re really not that tough to please.

The latter is how we got in touch with Wang Xiaonan, our website’s newest contributor. Xiaonan is way more legit than we’ll ever be: During the NBA season, he works in the States as Sohu’s beat writer for the 76ers and the Knicks. Beyond that, he also writes more fluently in English, which is his second language, than we do. He’s a sharp guy, to say the least.

To start off his NiuBBall career, Xiaonan gives us a piece on Gerald Green, who had a cup of coffee in China two years ago before eventually finding his way back to the NBA with the New Jersey Nets. As he writes, Once a feel good story of redemption, Green looks to have fallend back into his old ways…

The NBA Playoffs is entering its climax. LeBron is still insanely great; Paul George is still radiating charms; Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are still doing what they are doing even though I still have no idea exactly what that is.

Instead, it is someone on the bench who got engrossed in deep thought — Gerald Green. Earlier this season, I talked with him earlier after a game at the Wells Fargo Center, one of a multitude of games where he logged zero minutes.

Green, of course, spent some time in the CBA two seasons ago. I asked him about his experience and whether or not he will go back to China again when his NBA career ends; all these cliches you can imagine for a NBA player who has ties with China. His response to my dummy cliches were quite telling about his disposition, which I postulated as utterly delusional.



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In Need Of Help For Playoff Push, San Antonio Spurs Sign Tracy McGrady

April 18, 2013


8SLPM3A50ACR0005The San Antonio Spurs are hurting as they prepare for the NBA Playoffs which start on April 20, so they’ve decided to sign a player whose hurt them in the past: Tracy McGrady.

As announced yesterday, the 15-year NBA veteran, who played this season in the Chinese Basketball Association with the Qingdao Eagles, has signed a deal for the rest of the season, including the soon-approaching post-season.

Though the move is surprising given its timing, it does have some logic. It is no surprise that coach Gregg Popovich often rest his top players from time to time and Monday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors was a given as he looks to give them much needed rest before starting what they hope to be a deep playoff run.



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Is There a Second Chance at NBA Stardom for Yi Jianlian?

April 9, 2013


2012-2013Èü¼¾CBA×ܾöÈüµÚ4³¡£ºÉ½¶«»Æ½ð74£º94¸º¹ã¶«ºêÔ¶ °ä½±ÒÇʽ

A week has passed since the Guangdong Southern Tigers captured their eighth Chinese Basketball Association title with a 4-0 series win over the upstart Shandong Gold Lions to place themselves alongside the Bayi Rockets with the most titles in the CBA’s short history.

After a stunning loss to the Beijing Ducks in the 2011/12 CBA Finals, the Tigers made sure that their next trip would assure them of victory. And one of the reasons behind this season’s success was because of Yi Jianlian.

Following another unsuccessful stint in the National Basketball Association with the Dallas Mavericks, the former sixth overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft made a return to the CBA and picked up where left off the last time he was in the league. After averaging 24.6 points and 10.5 rebounds over the season, it can be said that the seven-footer provided a great impact to his team’s pursuit in regaining the CBA crown.

With the season now over and respective provincial and regional teams preparing for the upcoming National Games in Liaoning province as well as the country’s various national teams gearing up for their summer schedules, one question that will consume many basketball enthusiasts’ minds in the coming months is whether Yi’s performance this season could secure him a contract with an NBA team next season.



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The Boston Celtics are building a CBA All-Star Team

March 3, 2013


(Photo: Boston Herald via Red's Army)

(Photo: Boston Herald via Red’s Army)

For NBA fans who have always pined to see the Chinese Basketball Association, but have few if any opportunities to watch it outside of China, you’re in luck: The Boston Celtics have signed most of the league’s foreign player population to their NBA roster over the last week.

China-to-Boston speculation was rife in Celtics-land after Doc Rivers was quoted last month saying the team was looking at signing a player out of the CBA when its season ended. Turns out, they were looking at several players. After signing Terrence Williams to a 10-day contract, who played most of the season with the first-place Guangdong Southern Tigers before being replaced by Donald Sloan just before the post-season, the Celtics have followed up by signing D.J. White (Shanghai Sharks) and Shavlik Randolph (Foshan Long Lions) to two other 10-days.

While it’s a little surprising that one team has signed three players with Chinese experience this season, the fact that teams are looking across the Pacific Ocean for late-season help is a continuing trend that started two years ago.



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Monday Afternoon Tanghulu

December 3, 2012


Sweetening up your afternoon with a stick of Beijing’s timeless sugar coated snack and some links…


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Yi Jianlian’s preference is to play in NBA

August 21, 2012


Yi Jianlian, who is reportedly receiving high levels of interest from top flight European teams, including Real Madrid, is committed to playing in the NBA next season.

Speaking to NetEase on Sunday, Lu Yu, a member of Yi’s representative team, said that although there has been communication with European teams, Europe is at this point a secondary option.

“For now, we’re not considering playing in Spain,” said Lu. “I can only say that Yi’s first choice is to return to the NBA.”

But after averaging career lows in points and rebounds last season for the Dallas Mavericks, it appears unlikely that there is a market for the seven-footer’s services in the NBA this year. Another issue is a strained MCL, which Yi suffered in the Olympics against Australia, which may be another major reason why teams have cooled their interest. Yi has struggled with staying healthy in the past, having never played more than 66 games in any of his five seasons.

With what looks to be a tough road back to the NBA, Europe may be Yi’s only choice. Yesterday, Spanish site Encestando reported that Yi is looking for a US $2.5 million salary from Real Madrid next season. That figure, however, looks to be too high for the Spanish giants, who like many other teams in that region, are dealing with a spiraling European economy. Yi’s salary, in addition to the considerable taxes that the club will have to pay on top of it, appears to be too much of a financial burden to carry, reports Encestando. In combination with his MCL, the exact severity of which is unknown at present, and Yi to Spain appears to be far from a done deal.


French outlet, BasketNews, is reporting that Real Madrid have cut off negotiations after considering Yi’s salary demands.


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Dwyane Wade to sign with Li-Ning?

August 19, 2012


Dwyane Wade looks like he’s set to join Evan Turner at Li-Ning

Is a Chinese shoe company about to sign a major, in-their-prime NBA superstar? Well, if you believe everything you read on Twitter, it certainly sounds like it.

From a dude who knows a thing or two about sneakers, SoleCollector’s Nick DePaula on Friday:

Hearing from several people that Dwyane Wade will likely leave Jordan Brand and sign with Li-Ning. Huge shift.

The news comes after the word that Wade’s current shoe company, Jordan Brand, has cancelled his Fly Wade 3’s and the two sides are reportedly seriously considering a split, with the eight-time All-Star contemplating a switch to Li-Ning.

This isn’t the first time Li-Ning has dipped its toes into the NBA waters. Former and current endorsers include Shaquille O’Neal, Jose Calderon, Baron Davis, Evan Turner and Hasheem Thabeet. It would be the first time, however, that Li-Ning, or any one of the other Chinese sneaker companies (Peak, Anta, 361 Degrees, Qiaodan) would be able to secure a player of Wade’s pedigree.

For a brand that’s been struggling as of late, the addition of Wade may be what it needs to move past what has been a rocky and unprofitable period.

After the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Li-Ning aggressively expanded into the American market, opening an office in Portland, Oregon. But, their ambitions failed to come to fruition as a partnership with Champs Sports ultimately fell through as did plans for retail stores across the United States. As a result, net profit dropped 65% in 2011 and the company was forced to close down its Portland office last February. The company has since relocated to Chicago, where they are in the process of building a strategy that will focus on e-commerce over retail.

Apparently, that strategy built around a top-10 NBA player as well. Wade, although not an elite sneaker seller, still commands respect in the American shoe market and would increase Li-Ning’s credibility among consumers in the American market. In China, he’s a clear second behind LeBron James in the Miami Heat pecking order, but Wade is still a huge name out here and an agreement with Li-Ning would certainly generate some buzz in the PRC. He’s put in work over in the Chinese market over the last few years, coming over to travel the country on summer promotional tours with Brand Jordan. His name has further been enhanced in China from starring on the 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medal American squad.

For Wade, a move to Li-Ning could be more lucrative than sticking with Nike, who has James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant all overshadowing him as the brand’s centerpieces. Things would obviously be much different at Li-Ning, where he’d immediately become the front guy for a company based in the fastest growing market in the world. With the Heat threatening to build a dynasty, Wade — and his new kicks — would be in the forefront of a market that some people stands to make another shoe company, Nike, US $4 billion in revenue off of the team’s “not one, not two, not three, not four…” potential championships.

Since entering the NBA in 2003, Wade has been with Nike subsidiary, Converse, and Jordan Brand , the latter of which he has been with since 2009. His deal with Jordan is worth a reported US $10 million a year.

Wade’s potential signing marks another major event in what has been a busy and expensive summer for Li-Ning. In the Chinese basketball world, the company just recently paid CNY 2 billion to become the official outfitter of the Chinese Basketball Association. The deal starts this season and will last through the next five.


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Jeremy Lin gets Linsanity trademark

June 9, 2012


Many people on both sides of the Pacific Ocean have reveled in the phenomenon of Linsanity, but only one man will own the catch phrase’s rights, Jeremy Lin.

On May 26th, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded the phrase to Lin, whose incredible rise from an undrafted rookie to the star point guard of the New York Knicks catapulted him into a global icon. Lin filed the case in February after a man with no ties to the Lin family filed the Linsanity trademark.

“It’s not only Linsanity, but all Lin-related trademarks,” Pamela M. Deese, a partner in the law firm Arent Fox LLP who is working on the player’s behalf, said in a telephone interview. “Having a clean plate with rights in place makes it a lot easier to negotiate licenses and endorsements deals.”

Lin’s capture of Linsanity is a huge boost for the 23 year-old point guard, who has quickly become one of the most popular players in the NBA. He signed an endorsement deal with Volvo in March and there is currently a documentary in the works about his journey from an under-recruited college player to an NBA star.

Lin is currently recovering from knee surgery that ended his season prematurely on April 1.

But, Lin’s legal battles aren’t quite over yet. Lin, a restricted free-agent, is awaiting an appeal filed by the NBA players’ association to allow teams who acquired a player off waivers to retain their Early Bird Rights. Lin was picked up on December 27th by the Knicks after the Houston Rockets released him. Before that, he was let go by the Golden State Warriors in pre-season.

The decision is important for both the Knicks and Lin. If the union wins their appeal, the Knicks will be able to re-sign Lin without using their mid-level exception, which means the Knicks could go above the salary cap to extend Lin to a multi-year deal. Without being forced to use the mid-level of Lin, it would also mean that the Knicks could use the exception to sign another player — a dream scenario for a team that lacks depth.

The decision will be made by the NBA on June 13th.


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Where in China to watch the NBA Playoffs

April 30, 2012


You’re in China, you can’t speak Chinese and you have no idea when or where to watch the NBA Playoffs.

We were there once, and we feel you. So to help you celebrate your May 1st holiday, NiuBBall is hooking it up with a NBA Playoffs TV Guide to help out.

When can I watch the Playoffs?

Games are broadcast live in the morning.

No, watching sports in the day’s early hours is not totally ideal, nor is it very practical for those who work or go to school. But, unless you can convince China to change their timezone to Pacific Standard Time (trust me, I went to school on the West Coast and it’s way better than Eastern), the only thing we can do is live with it. Luckily, knowing what time the games are on is as easy as looking at the schedule and changing the PM to AM. For example, if a game starts at 7:30 PM on the East Coast, it starts at 7:30am on the Far East Coast. See, we told you it was easy.

Where can I watch the Playoffs?

China’s national sports television station, CCTV-5, carries a decent amount of early round games and works itself to eventually carry every game of the Conference Finals and Finals.

If you’re looking for a schedule, you can go to either the CCTV.com TV schedule or tvmao.com. and press the “translate” button on your internet browser. Just know that these sites sometimes aren’t accurate — for example, both  says CCTV-5 is showing a live feed of the Knicks and Heat tomorrow at 10:30, despite the fact that they’re playing at 7.

If you’re in Beijing, BTV-6 also shows games in the mornings. You can check their programming schedule here (again, have that “translate” button ready).

But the best outlet to watch a game is is Sina.com’s amazing “NBA Room” that allows users to watch live games online. They have at least one game per day, so if you don’t like any of the games being played on TV, there are no games on TV or you don’t have a TV, you can rest easy knowing you have options. And the best part? It’s free. Plus I don’t even think you have to register (don’t quote me on that, though.)

You can go check out the NBA Room here and you can look at the schedule here.

QQ.com also has a page where you can watch live streaming games.

Is there anywhere to watch the games in English?

No, not if you’re watching Chinese channels. The only way to watch English commentary is to get a satellite dish, or go somewhere where somebody else has a satellite dish. Our suggestion: Like the NBA-in-the-morning stuff, just embrace it. If you’re into stats and are afraid that you won’t be able to understand anything flashed on screen, just open your computer, put on a live box score and glance down during breaks in the action. It’s not that bad, really and you should be doing it regardless of language.

Plus, watching games in Chinese is all part of the China basketball experience. and pick up some new words. We’ll even give you first one to get you started: Hao qiu. it literally means “good ball” and it’s used by announcers to describe literally every nice play: A dunk, a three-pointer, a pull-up from the elbow, a beasty rebound in traffic, a behind-the-back pass, a sick crossover, an alley-oop, an acrobatic lay-up, a block and any other good thing a player can do in basketball.

Are there any good spots I can go to watch the game?

Your options are limited because games are on in the mornings and most bars aren’t open in the morning. Luckily in Beijing, The Den is open 24 hours and is a good place to watch games if you’re into having a beer at nine in the morning. They have pretty decent breakfasts, too.

So enjoy the Playoffs and as always, if you want to serve the English-speaking basketball loving China community, don’t hesitate to send me an email or leave something in the comments detailing how and/or where you watch the Playoffs in China, and I’ll post it up with your name, your Twitter account, your website… whatever.


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CCTV-5’s NBA Playoffs commercial is freaking amazing

April 28, 2012


What’s better than the start of the NBA Playoffs? How about a commercial that combines all of the things we love about the post-season with all of the things we love about medeval Chinese warfare? Would that be possibly be better?

If you think so, you’re in luck because the good people at CCTV-5 have made a one minute long television spot that does just that. The huge armies, the big flags and the massive fortresses that we’ve come to expect from the ancient Chinese battlefield are all there, but the best part is saved for the last thirty seconds when computer animated versions of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose all dress up in traditional Chinese armor while wielding some serious weaponry.

Wow, wow and wow. If the Playoffs are even a quarter as good as that, it’ll be the greatest post-season in the history of the NBA, maybe in the history of sport. If they’re half as good, they’ll be the greatest anything ever.

(H/T to the guys at The Basketball Jones and to Michael Ardaiolo)


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Tuesday Night Chuanr

April 10, 2012


Nighttime links served up proper with a hearty helping of lamb on a stick.  The beer is on you, though.
  • Josh Akognon is with the D-League’s Canton Charge with an eye on becoming the 11th CBA import this season to sign with an NBA team.
  • James Singleton, who is now on a 10-day getting good minutes in the NBA with the Wizards, thinks that the CBA’s decision to delay Game 5 of Beijing and Shanxi’s semi-finals series was set-up to give Stephon Marbury some time to rest and recover. From the Washington Post: “They wanted to give him a chance to rest. I don’t care what nobody say.”
  • Meanwhile, the Wizards’ other China guy on a 10-day, Cartier Martin, is the subject of a lengthy, must-read piece in the Post about his quest to secure a permanent deal in the NBA and a suicide and Ponzi scheme that’s making it a whole lot tougher.
  • Hopefully China won’t have to see this dude the next time they play Lebanon in FIBA Asia competition.


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Extended season – CBAers in the NBA

April 7, 2012


Lester Hudson is one of a growing number of players who have signed in the NBA after playing this season in China. (Photo: AP)

With a 2012 CBA season that was filled with rabid fanaticism, deception, fighting girlfriends, redemption, and even a playoff upset officially in the books, most foreign imports have returned to their native lands. But just because the CBA season is over doesn’t mean that it’s time for a vacation – there is still a month left in the NBA. Teams are either making their playoff push or preparing for next season by offering 10-day contracts auditions.

A handful of this season’s CBA players are now playing in the NBA. Let’s see how they’re fairing:

Kenyon Martin (Xinjiang)– Along with Coach Bob Donewald, Martin was Xinjiang’s prize free agent acquisition last summer. With the NBA lockout in full force, Martin, who has missed considerable time with injuries the last few seasons, was merely looking for some run until the NBA season started. But, Martin impacted the season far more after he left China: First, Xinjiang bought out his contract shortly before Christmas, which gave him a stress-free return back to the United States. On top of that, he was able to get his FIBA release thanks to the CBA’s 10-day annual Spring Festival break, despite the league’s strict no-opt out policy that forbade players from returning to the NBA mid-season.

Past his early and mid-2000s prime, Martin is now better served playing off the bench. The L.A. Clippers started the season with rookie Trey Thompkins and Brian Cook backing up Blake Griffin. Ouch. With a gaping hole behind Griffin, the Clippers inked Martin to a one-year, $2.5 million deal. He is now the first big man off the bench and plays 20 minutes a game averaging 5 points and 4 rebounds.

NYTimes.com – Kenyon Martin beats the China trap with the old Lunar New Year play

Wilson Chandler (Guangsha) – After watching his former teammate Kenyon Martin bolt for the NBA, both Wilson Chandler’s effort level and the Guangsha Lions’ record took a nosedive starting in January. Ultimately, he left the CBA just before the beginning of the playoffs in search of a large, multi-year contract.

After a month of posturing, he scored a five-year, $37 million deal with the Denver Nuggets (I’m sure his Guangsha teammates understand).  In his seven games with the Nuggets, he is averaging 11 points, six rebounds, a block and a steal per game. He is currently nursing a groin injury but should be back on the court soon.

HoopsWorld – Wilson Chandler Struggles to to Re-Adjust to NBA
ESPN TrueHoop – Wilson Chandler, Back at Last 

J.R. Smith (Zhejiang) – With his roller-coaster season in China complete, Smith returned to the States and fielded multiple offers. He spurned the Lob City Clippers to get in on the Linsanity with the New York Knicks.

With the Knicks, Smith is doing what he does best: shoot threes. While he still hasn’t found his stroke (37% FG) or put up one of his patented 40-point explosions, Smith is averaging 10 points off the bench. He’s also carried a lot of the controversy that followed him in Zhejiang to New York, where he’s been fined for posting “inappropriate pictures” on his Twitter account, ejected from a game for a flagrant-2 foul (which has since been downgraded to flagrant-1) and criticized by head coach, Mike Woodson, for sagging his shorts.

With Jeremy Lin and Amar’e Stoudemire likely out for the season, there won’t be any shortage of shots for Smith in the near future; nor does it seem there will be any shortage of Smith headlines.

NYPost.com – Knicks coach tells Smith he wants ‘his shorts pulled up’
Posting and Toasting – J.R. Smith got fined 25,000 for his photography
NiuBBall.com – J.R. Smith fined a million dollars for missing practices?

Aaron Brooks (Guangdong) – As a restricted free agent, Brooks is in the same boat that Wilson Chandler was in when he returned from China. Brooks’ rights are owned by the Suns, who are the only team he can negotiate with until this summer’s free agency period starts. That being said, he might decide to sit out the remainder of the season until he can field contract offers from other teams, which would give him negotiating leverage. The Suns aren’t going anywhere this season and prefer allowing Steve Nash to ride into the sunset, John Wayne style, rather than signing Brooks.

But after giving up a first round pick and Goran Dragic for Brooks, the Suns would look awfully foolish if they are unable to come to terms on a contract this summer.

Arizona Republic – Suns face some tough decision on Aaron Brooks
Suns.com – Lance Blanks checking in from China
NBA.com – Suns GM Headed to China to Visit Aaron Brooks

Ivan Johnson (Qingdao) — Johnson had a cup of tea in Qingdao this year before he was replaced by Olumideye Oyedeji, despite putting up some really good numbers. After he went back to the States, he was quickly snapped up by the Atlanta Hawks, who needed some size in the interior due to an injury to Al Horford. To a lot of people’s surprise, Johnson, playing his first year of NBA ball at age 27, has stuck and played some key minutes off the bench.

In 46 games, he’s averaging 15 minutes, 5.3 points and 3.5 rebounds per game.

Associated Press: Hawks’ Ivan Johnson making good as rookie at 27
Atlanta Journal Constitution – Hawks’ other Johnson making a name for himself

Cartier Martin (Jilin) – Martin has dabbled in the NBA for a few seasons now and was most recently signed to a 10-day contract with the Washington Wizards. After trading one of the NBA’s most notorious chuckers, Nick Young, the Wizards suddenly needed a SG to backup Jordan Crawford.

Martin has answered the call. In only his second game with the team, the former Jilin star scored 20 points on 12 shots while helping the Wizards snap a 5-game losing streak. In his six games with the team, he is averaging eight points and four rebounds. With the Wizards out of the playoff hunt, look for Martin to get some serious run down the stretch if he’s signed to another contract. If he continues his early success, Martin might be lucky enough to find himself on the Wizards opening night roster next fall.

Wizards Insider – Cartier Martin ‘excited’ to be back with Wizards
Truth About It – Cartier Martin. Back. (And why Martin is immediately the Wizards’ best 3-point shooter) 

Lester Hudson (Qingdao) – Qingdao’s mighty mouse, Lester Hudson was narrowly beat out by J.R. Smith for the CBA’s scoring crown.  The little man can fill it up, although he is the definition of a volume shooter.

Nonetheless, his successful CBA season got the attention of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who in turn signed him to a 10-day contract. The Cavaliers lost backup PG Daniel Gibson for the season and now their pending rookie of the year Kyrie Irving could be out for the remainder of the season with a shoulder injury. What does that mean?  Hudson and little-known Donald Sloan will be the only ones competing for minutes in the Cavs’ backcourt. If Hudson can make a good impression on the rest of the league this season, he could find his niche as a Nate Robinson-type energy man and land a longer contract.

Akron-Beacon Journal: Lester Hudson escapes past, takes long road to NBA
The News-Herald: Lester Hudson picking up offense as quickly as he can

Gerald Green (Foshan) – Of all CBA imports, Gerald Green’s NBA success is the most impressive. Drafted out of high school by the Boston Celtics in the 2005 NBA draft, an immature Green entered the league knowing how to do two things: jump and shoot. Unfortunately, the jumping only won him a slam dunk contest and his poor shooting found him jobless.

He’s been a basketball vagabond the past few seasons and was on Foshan’s roster opening night. Green only lasted 4 games before being released, but averaged a robust 26.5 points.

After his departure from China, Green signed a 10-day contract with the Lakers, who were looking for some athleticism on the wing. Things didn’t pan out in Hollywood and Green was once again on the move, this time to New Jersey. The Nets signed him to two consecutive 10-day contracts before signing him for the rest of the season. In New Jersey, Green has found his role as a scorer off the bench. For the season, he is averaging 12 points on 49% shooting in nearly 24 minutes. He has scored 20 or more points 5 times this season.

If this impressive extended audition continues, Green will probably find himself a multiyear deal this summer with an NBA team.

SI.com – Green Energy: After humbling fall, ex-dunk champ rises again in NBA
NY Daily News – Gerald Green’s 3-month roller coaster
New Jersey Examiner – Gerald Green continues to defy the odds

James Singleton (Guangdong) – It was a short turnaround for Singleton, who just a week ago was bounced from the CBA finals by the Beijing Ducks. Fortunately, he doesn’t have much time to dwell on Guangdong’s finals disappointment, as he was awarded with a 10-day contract with the Washington Wizards. It’s not his first stint in Washington. Singleton was sent over to D.C. as part of the trade that sent Caron Butler to the Mavericks in 2010. He impressed enough in 32 games to get a one-year deal, but elected to sign a more lucrative contract in China the next season.

With Trevor Booker and Nene Hilario battling injuries – and who knows if they will return this season with the Wizards already eliminated from the playoffs – Singleton played 14 minutes in his first game with the Wiz. The results? Not like his CBA numbers — he had zero points, two rebounds and a whopping five personal fouls. Anyone who’s made the China-to-America trip knows a thing or two about jet lag, however and with another day and some more hours of sleep under his belt, he rebounded tonight with a 13 points and nine rebounds.

Bullets Forever – James Singleton Is Returning To The Washington Wizards

Patty Mills (Xinjiang) — The Australian point guard was embroiled in a controversial break-up with Xinjiang this season after the team accused him of faking a hamstring injury, a claim with Mills vehemently denied. Like Martin, Mills left China mid-season; unlike Martin, however, he was unable to get his FIBA release and was forced to sit in the U.S. while the Flying Tigers finished out their season.

But once Xinjiang was swept out of the semi-finals by Guangdong, Mills faced another obstacle towards getting back onto an NBA court — the Portland Trail Blazers, who still held his rights. With a full roster, a new coach and a front office in transition, it was unclear what Portland was going to do with Mills. In March, they ultimately decided to renounce Mills and after weighing offers from a couple of teams, he signed a two-year deal with the San Antonio Spurs. After working out his work visa papers, he suited up for his first game on March 27th at Phoenix.

Mills, who will represent the Boomers this summer in London, is in an excellent situation in San Antonio. Not only is he getting some much needed game reps before the Olympics, he’s also playing under Australian National Team head coach, Brett Brown, who works as an assistant on the Spurs staff. It may have been a long road back to the League, but it looks like Mills has landed in a good spot.

NBA.com – A Bright Light from Down Under

Alan Anderson (Shandong) — Anderson signed a 10-day with the Toronto Raptors on March 26th and was good enough to earn another one. It’s his second stint in the League — he spent two years with the Bobcats in 05-06 and 06-07. He has appeared in six games for the Raps, averaging 5.8 points and two rebounds in 16 minutes.

Raptors HQ – Raptors Re-Sign Uzoh and Anderson, Ink D-League PG Dentmon
National Post – Raptors’ Alan Anderson finds another soft landing in Toronto

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Lin out six weeks with torn meniscus

April 1, 2012


Though reports of Linsanity’s demise may have been pre-mature, it looks like is set for an extended hiatus. From ESPN.com:

The New York Knicks announced before the Cleveland Cavaliers game on Saturday night that starting point guard Jeremy Lin will be out approximately six weeks with a small chronic meniscal tear in his left knee, based on an MRI exam.

Lin will have arthrosopic surgery early next week in New York to repair the injury.

Another report by ESPN.com says Lin will likely be out for the season. So can we just officially call this a Liniscus tear? Sorry, that was too easy. Anyways, expect Baron Davis, Mike Bibby and Toney Douglas to split time at the point while Lin recovers.


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Tuesday Afternoon Tanghulu

March 27, 2012

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Sweetening up your afternoon with a stick of Beijing’s timeless sugar coated snack and some links…
  • Some facts in this article are wrong (at the beginning of this CBA season there were six American head coaches, not four; they missed Jay Humphries in Foshan and Joey Stiebing in Fujian), but it’s still a pretty good read on some of the challenges that present themselves to English-speaking basketball coaches in China.
  • After cursing Stephon Marbury on live television, Su Wei is not exactly a popular figure in Beijing these days. To make that clear to everyone, Beijing photoshoppers displayed the big center as a dead man; a development that didn’t sit too well with Guangdong Southern Tigers owner, Liu Hongjiang. So Liu called for an online “human flesh search” to search for the perpetrator, offering an RMB 5,000 reward for a name. The result: “Angry Hongyuan fans narrowed their search down to a few people, including this Beijinger, surnamed Fan, who barely watches basketball. ‘They found the wrong woman!‘ she said. Fan had to deal with so many foul-talking callers on Saturday that her phone battery died within a short time. Most of the calls were from Guangdong Province.” Way to stay classy, Guangdong.  (H/T on both of those to Beijing Cream)


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