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About NiuBBall

About the site: (pronounced nee-oh bee-ball) is a blog dedicated to providing in-depth coverage and analysis of all things basketball and China.

For those wondering what the heck NiuBBall means, in Chinese, the literal meaning of the word niu (牛) means cow or ox.  But, when used to describe something, take basketball for example, niu means really, really awesome.  Which is why I picked the name NiuBBall — because basketball (bball) is really, really awesome.

NiuBBall strongly encourages user comments and participation, and we welcome those who have an interest in China and/or basketball to get involved with our growing online community.

About the author:

Jon Pastuszek graduated from the University of San Francisco in 2008 with a major in Asian Studies and three intramural basketball titles, a number he deems impressive considering he spent his entire junior year studying abroad in Beijing. Jon has lived in China for over five years and is currently based in Beijing.

If you know of a good full-court run in the city, or you want to get in touch with Jon for any China basketball-related reasons, he can reached via email at

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