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Thursday Morning Jianbing

May 2, 2013

Links, Morning Jianbing

Post by Jon Pastuszek 

May 2, 2013

Links, Morning Jianbing


Starting your day right with China’s favorite street breakfast and a bunch of links…

  • Shameless self promotion in 3… 2… 1… We mentioned this on last week’s jianbing, but failed to produce a link, so here’s Round 2: We’re now writing for One World Sports, giving them exclusive content about all things Chinese Basketball Association up to three times a week. So go ahead and put that on your favorites or your RSS feeds. Or if that’s not your thing, that’s cool too. But just know that if you’re not checking there periodically, you might lose out on a few nice nuggets of Chinese basketball coverage as we’re not going to be re-writing most our OWS content for NiuBBall. We have a life, you know.
  • Yao Ming — the giraffe — is dead. According to ABC-13 in Houston (via China Daily): “The seven-week-old giraffe at Houston Zoo was euthanized Friday morning after a month-long battle with a bone infection in his right shoulder and left hip.” (H/T Mark Dreyer, The  Li-Ning Tower)


2 Responses to “Thursday Morning Jianbing”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’m just curious but why don’t you think Lin is boosting ratings? Yao Ming had been injured too but Chinese seemed to support him still. Is it more of just being ‘NBA-in-general’ crazy instead of focusing on one player?


    • Jon Pastuszek Says:

      I just think the league is too flush with individual stars and watchable teams for increased ratings to be singularly pinned on Lin… Based on my own personal observations and conversations, I also think Linsanity has cooled off considerably here in China.


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