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Legless 13 year-old plays basketball, doesn’t use a wheelchair, and shoots the crap out of it

May 15, 2013


Post by Jon Pastuszek 

May 15, 2013



The frequently used, “My legs are dead,” is no longer a valid excuse to get out of playing a game of hoops.

Not after seeing this.

Qin Xulei, like many other 13 year-olds, loves basketball. He lives in Luoyang, Henan where he attends middle school. He plays ball with his classmates when he can during the schoolday, and gets in extra practice everyday when his class lets out.

None of that makes Qin special. That he has no legs, however — and chooses to play without the aid of a wheelchair — that is special.

More amazing: The kid is nice with it. Just take a look at the video below.

The journalist never asks why Qin doesn’t play in a wheelchair; the caption on the bottom says its more convenient for him to play without it.

“When I first started, I had never really played before,” says Qin. “I just would casually throw some shots up. Then I started to make more and more.”

Is there a cushion underneath your legs?

“No,” Qin says.

So it’s just your flesh that is on the ground!

Qin grunts in the affirmative.

“He shoots better than I do,” says two kids. Yeah, no crap. He shoots better than a lot of 13 year-olds.

The videographer has more questions.

In the winter it gets very cold here. Do you wear gloves?

“No, I just use my hands like this.” He holds out his hands, which are thick and full of callouses. “They don’t get cold.”

“My dream is to play in the Special Olympics,” when asked what he hopes to achieve through basketball. “We’re in a remote location here and the conditions aren’t very good. I’d like to go to a high-end school with a teacher who can train me. And then go play in the Special Olympics.”

The rest of the video pretty much tells the rest. His mom says he watches a lot of NBA and that the entire family supports his dream. So much so, that his father even put up a hoop outside of their home so their son can get extra shots up.

The journalist asks: Why?

Stupid question, bro. Obviously, you suck at shooting. Qin, you’re the man. Count us as one among many who hope to see you repping China in a Special Olympics sometime soon.


3 Responses to “Legless 13 year-old plays basketball, doesn’t use a wheelchair, and shoots the crap out of it”

  1. James Howden Says:

    THIS is why I like Niubball.com. (This is also why I love basketball, at its best.) For someone as linguistically primitive as I am, Jon, your site brings me to a China that is often off-limits, the kind that is available only to a practised ear and a working vocabulary. (Like YOURS!)

    Thanks for listening, reading and writing for the rest of us.

    (btw, were you riffing on Bryce Harper’s “that’s a clown question, bro” response to a reporter? Nice.)


  2. bcheng Says:

    Awesome story, would just like to point out, he’d be playing in the Paralympics (which is for those with physical disability) and not the Special Olympics (which is for mental disabilities).


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