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…And we’re back

April 9, 2013


Post by Jon Pastuszek 

April 9, 2013




…Sorry about that. An extended vacation in the U.S. as well as some side projects kept us from posting anything for a too long of a while. But it’s not like you really missed much, anyway: The Guangdong Southern Tigers swept through the playoffs, including a 4-0 beat down of the Shandong Gold Lions in the Finals. And a lot of Sun Yue-to-Beijing rumors. Like we said, nothing too interesting.

But to make it up to everyone, we’re posting an all-you-can-eat buffet of links, and no it’s not one of those crappy $10.99 all-you-can-eats with the luke-warm General Tso chicken and soggy spring rolls. Think more the Sunday brunch variety at The Westin (which we’ve never been to, but we hear is good).

So enjoy, and celebrate the fact that NiuBBall is on a regular schedule once again.

  • First, we give shoutouts to our NiuBBall writers, who have been busy spreading their typed words about Chinese hoops across the interwebs. Andrew Crawford did a tremendous job for The Classical on his two-part piece on Tracy McGrady and Gilbert Arenas’ bumpy rides in China this season. Karan Madhok, writing for SLAM, sat down with Arenas for a cool Q+A that’s well worth the read as well. And some dude named Jon Pastuszek has been doing some stuff for Sheridan Hoops and One World Sports, the latter of which he’s now a regular part of the blogging staff 
  • Hua Hsu, writing for Grantland, went to Beijing to check out what’s up with the CBA and came away with piece filled with awesome little diddies like this one, where he likens Stephon Marbury to “a wide-eyed innocent, kind of like a backpacking expat or study-abroad student who woke up one day and realized he would never be the same.” Well worth the read.
  • Bad news if you’re trying to win a championship in the WCBA anytime soon: Maya Moore has signed a contract extension with the Shanxi Flame through 2016.
  • Asia-Basket came out with their end season CBA awards, and although some of them are head scratchers (Lester Hudson, 2nd Team All-CBA?), we think its still worth looking at in the spirit of variety.
  • Nike China’s new “Give Me The Ball” ad, with English subtitles. Our favorite part is when NiuBBall’s favorite super-biased color commentator, Zhang Weiping, screams into the microphone at the :30 second mark. Though we wonder what effect it’s going to have on Chinese park basketball, which is already rife enough with guys standing around clapping for the ball…
  • Wang Zhelin’s NBA comparison, according to NBADraft.net, John Bryant, who interestingly enough never played in the NBA.


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