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McGrady announces he will skip All-Star Game to be with ailing grandmother


Well, that’s over: Tracy McGrady has officially played his final game in China as of last night after announcing on his Sina Weibo account that he will not be participating in the CBA All-Star Game this weekend. As written on a full page note to both his fans and teammates  he will instead fly back to the United States to be with his ailing grandmother.

McGrady received the most fan votes in the league, becoming the first foreign player in history to achieve that distinction.

With little comment from McGrady about his status for the All-Star game, which will be this Sunday, there had been off-and-on speculation in Chinese media over his participation. Just a few days ago, Qingdao local media quoted an anonymous team insider and reported that he would in fact play.

But in the letter, which expressed gratitude to both fans and teammates, McGrady cited the need to be with his sick grandmother back home and hoped that people would “understand my predicament.”

In his final game, McGrady tallied 30 points, nine rebounds and five assists in the loss. His team, the Qingdao Eagles, finished in last place at 8-24.

The full letter can be seen below.



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One Response to “McGrady announces he will skip All-Star Game to be with ailing grandmother”

  1. James Howden Says:

    I hate to be cynical, but when there was speculation about whether he’d play, I couldn’t help but think,”Nah! Not a chance!” Now I feel a bit sour for having (sort of) predicted that there would be an ailing grandmother or some heart-tugging reason for him to get back home now that his disappointing season is over. (And this placement of the All-Star game after the regular season does make it awkeward for a player in his position; the CBA doesn’t often have cellar-dwellers chosen to start the big game!) I *want* to believe that his gushy thanks to fans and teammates were written by him, and genuinely felt by him. I’m sorry to be doubtful about that.


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