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Monday Morning Jianbing

January 7, 2013

Links, Morning Jianbing

Post by Jon Pastuszek 

January 7, 2013

Links, Morning Jianbing


Starting your day right with China’s favorite street breakfast and a bunch of links…

  • More from said Peak: As of December, the Chinese shoe company has partnered up with the Toronto Raptors. With the deal, “Peak will be exposed to Raptors fans who will see the company’s branding all over the Air Canada Centre where home games are held. Peak’s merchandise will also be available to Canadian consumers at the Raptors Team shop at the Air Canada Centre.” That should work out nicely for the Raps’ Kyle Lowry, who endorses Peak.
  • From Beijing Cream, the story of a one-legged basketball player who plays better than a lot of two-legged basketball players. Amazing within itself, but even more so when you consider that he’s catching, rebounding and handling the ball with one hand, too. Plus, if dude is a natural righty — and he very might well be judging from the fact that he makes exactly zero shots from outside three feet during the course of the video — that means he’s doing all that with his off-hand. Very impressive.


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