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Arenas heads back to the States to receive treatment on injured groin

Shanghai Sharks guard, Gilbert Arenas, whose injured groin has limited him to just four games this season, has flown back to the United States to receive treatment.

It is unknown when he will return.

Arenas, who first sustained the injury midway through the first quarter of the Sharks’ season opener on the road at Beijing on November 24, missed the next eight games before coming back into the lineup on December 18 against Guangdong. Yet just two games after, Arenas re-injured his groin and has since been out of action since the 23rd. Apparently more comfortable receiving treatment back home in the United States, he has flown to New York where he hopes the recovery process will be faster than it would be in China.

Arenas posted this on his Sina Weibo account on December 31:

Happy New Years..im going to New York for a few days to get treatment on my groin..i wasn’t 100 percent when i came back and i pulled another groin muscle..its not really bad just need american meds to speed up the recovery time….

Meanwhile, due to Arenas’ on-the-shelf, off-the-shelf, on-the-shelf status, the Sharks already difficult position has become even more problematic. Looking at the very real possibility of slipping down into the league’s basement with only one import, D.J. White, in the lineup, the Sharks opted to bring in Ryan Forehan-Kelly to temporarily replace Arenas. The stop-gap measure was implemented to keep the Sharks’ record afloat until Arenas was declared healthy enough to play again.

But the decision to bring in Forehan-Kelly for only a few games came with much risk, and it’s quite clear to see why with the way this situation has unfolded. By rule, teams are only allowed to switch import players twice during the regular season. By bringing in Forehan-Kelly, the Sharks used one of their allocated replacements; by bringing back Arenas for Forehan-Kelly, the Sharks had used both.

Now with Arenas hurt again with no exact return in sight, the Sharks are stuck with what they’ve got: A nagging, troublesome groin injury that is struggling to get healthy and White. Until the former is recovered, the Sharks will be forced to play the rest of the season shorthanded with just White.

Last night, the Sharks managed only five points in the first quarter against Liaoning and fell 110-82 to send their record to 4-12, which currently puts them in 16th place.

In four games, Arenas is averaing 9.8 points, 4.5 rebounds and 2.8 assists.


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