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Arenas back in Shanghai putting up big numbers; McGrady wins it at the buzzer for Qingdao

This is a little bit more of what fans had in mind when Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady signed in China.

Arenas, who has been out most of the season with a groin injury, returned to the Sharks last week after undergoing treatment in the United States. Since coming back two games ago, the results have been pretty startling: 37 and 28 points, both of which came in wins. It’s been a crazy season in Shanghai, first with Arenas getting hurt, then with head coach Dan Panaggio getting fired mid-season in large part due to the former NBA All-Star’s injury and the one import lineup they were forced to march out onto the court as a result. But if Arenas can keep going like this, at least it will provide some sort of entertainment for fans in Yuanshen while duly preventing our man Andrew Crawford from jumping into the Huangpu River.

Meanwhile, McGrady is back at it making headlines again. Only this time instead of being accused of charging five grand for a one-on-one interview, he’s hitting game winning shots. T-Mac finished with 31 points, six rebounds and six assists in the 99-97 road win against Liaoning, which now brings the Eagles’ win streak to three.


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