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McGrady thinks CBA Rules Test is “nonsense”

Photo: Hupu.com

Ah, the CBA Rules Test. Designed to test players and coaches’ knowledge and understanding of the league’s rules, the Chinese Basketball Association implements a written examination during the pre-season. Consisting of true/false and yes/no answers, players and coaches must pass the test in order to be officially registered on their team’s roster for the regular season.

Even to the longtime CBA vet, the test can come across as a bit of a waste of time. But if you’re new to the league? Or if you’re new to the league and you’ve spent the majority of your professional career playing at an elite level in the NBA, like Tracy McGrady?

Then you come out in the media and you call it out for being a huge waste of time, which is what he did last Tuesday.

From CRI.cn:

China Basketball Association (CBA) superstar Tracy McGrady, or “T-Mac,” who plays for the Qingdao Eagles has criticized a CBA rules test for players and coaches as “nonsense,” Newspaper.lndaily.com.cn reported Tuesday… McGrady said there is no need for the test as the content is so basic and every CBA player knows how to deal with the questions both on and off the court.

…In response to McGrady, [Bai Xilin, head of the league’s competition department] said the CBA has some rules that are different than the National Basketball Association and the International Basketball Federation. He said McGrady should set an example for other players to learn the rules well and it would be helpful for him to play better in the CBA.

Luckily for those who haven’t seen an actual CBA Rules Test, we were able to acquire one during last season. Call it out as what you want in the comments.



One Response to “McGrady thinks CBA Rules Test is “nonsense””

  1. China Newz Says:

    Great post! Anytime you venture into a new culture, whether a politician or an athlete you need to be culturally sensitive to what you say. Otherwise you come off as not appreciative of that culture.

    If David Stern would have made Yao Ming take a test to play in the NBA, he would have studied for two weeks, brought two pencils, an eraser and aced the exam in 45 minutes.


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