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China loses to Japan at FIBA Asia Cup, Chinese netizens react!

September 24, 2012

China National Team

Post by Jon Pastuszek 

September 24, 2012

China National Team

It may have been “just a game” in the eyes of the Chinese Basketball Association, but China lost to Japan 60-50 last Thursday night in the quarterfinals of the 2012 FIBA Asia Cup. China ended up finishing fifth in the competition after beating Lebanon and Chinese Taipei in the consolation bracket.

Apparently some members of the Chinese public didn’t feel the same way as the CBA. Here’s what online commenters on Sina.com had to say after the loss:

新浪山东德州溶心: You can lose to whoever, but you just can’t lose to Japan

新浪江西南昌3kfeng: At this time, you can lose to whoever, but you can’t lose to Japan. If I was a player on the court from that game, I would retire from the game of basketball. It’s really too… I really don’t know how to express this. My goodness. If you lose,  hit a random Japanese person, I’ll support you. *Sigh…*

新浪广东中山霸龙: Dammit! TMD who is the coach? Die in Japan and don’t come back!

新浪浙江杭州stargo09: This is really quite shameful

新浪江苏无锡借锋御剑: Die in Japan, don’t come back, a bunch of disgraces!

新浪湖北黄石风子: Whoever you lose to, just don’t lose to Japan, there’s not even a little bit of heart, you can only find an excuse for failure, the national system raised you guys for nothing.

新浪上海嘉定尐輝輝Shine: An unexpected loss to little Japan, you group of retards. Don’t you understand that this is a critical moment? You’re soft on the basketball court, then you’ll be a pussy in deciding the Diaoyu Islands.

新浪湖北孝感VIP(1498544241): Since when does China basketball all of the sudden lose to this kind of crap second-rate group of short people Japan? TMD it’s more shameful than Chinese soccer.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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