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Back in Beijing…

July 9, 2012


Post by Jon Pastuszek 

July 9, 2012



Many ex-pats have a bit of a routine when they get back to China from an extended trip back to their home country. Some get on a detailed schedule to overcome jetlag. Others may choose to get back in the swing by heading out at night for a cold (or warm) Qingdao and some chuanr.

I on the other hand like to deny jetlag’s existence (it’s 80% mental, at least when you get past the first day or two), go about my normal routine… and check the US Embassy’s hourly index on Beijing’s air pollution (the top number is the American’s reading, the bottom is China’s). The higher the number, the worse off the air. And as of this morning, the air — well, it sucks. And it’s been sucking really ever since I got back on Wednesday night.

But hey, what’s the big deal right? Microscopic air particles and hazardous fumes are mental, too. Wait, no they’re not. That’s just what I tell myself to make me feel better about the possibility that Beijing could take five years off my life by the time I’m done with this city.

Luckily, I have the blinders of blogging basketball to keep my attention away from this troubling matter. And now that I’m not consumed with reuniting with my family’s big screen HDTV and beer runs for Sam Summers and Harpoons, NiuBBall should be back on a regular schedule just in time for the China NT’s quickly approaching trip to London and the CBA off-season rumor mill, the latter of which has officially heated up.

So make it easier on yourself and keep coming back to NiuBBall.com. Or put on a surgical mask. Whatever. We won’t judge, we promise.


One Response to “Back in Beijing…”

  1. Barker Says:

    Welcome back. Any word on UCLA’s china schedule? Read they are playing the shanghai sharks and 2 other games. What’s the word?


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