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First a statue, now a book for Stephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury’s autobiography, I am Commissar Marbury, will be out in China on June 30th.

Stephon Marbury has gone from Chinese professional basketball player, to CBA champion, to Beijing city hero, to bronze statue… and now to published author. An autobiography, Wo Shi Ma Zheng Wei (I am Commissar Marbury), will hit Chinese bookstores on June 30th.

From a Sina Sports writeup: “From Shanxi to Foshan to Beijing, the book gives the account of an NBA star who was completely ignorant of China and his transformation into a ‘Beijing Boy.'”

The book will focus on Marbury’s life story from growing up in Coney Island, his days playing basketball in high school and college, his NBA career and finally three-year journey in the CBA that culminated with a league championship this season in Beijing. It will be sold for CNY 39.80 (roughly US $6.30).

The book is being written alongside Chinese journalist Wang Meng, who writes about basketball for Titan Sports Weekly. There is no word as to whether the book will be written in English.

According to the same Sina story, Marbury, who is back in the States recuperating from ankle surgery, will fly back to Beijing on the 28th. He will be at the Zhongguancun Bookstore on the 30th at 10:30am to hold a book signing event for fans. We’ll still be in the States so we’ll miss the festivities, but anybody who’s planning on going can always shoot an email or leave something in the comments.


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One Response to “First a statue, now a book for Stephon Marbury”

  1. Kenya Says:

    I only heard about this from the BJ TV sports channel as they talked about it on their night time sports news show. To be honest it didn’t look like there was much of a fuss about it. I mean there were many fans there and according to Marbury he said he signed about 3000 autographs. It looked like a few of the fans had more than two books for him to sign (maybe they will try to auction them off).

    On a totally unrelated topic, now Marbury’s face can be seen plastered along the Beijing subway lines (mostly on the Line 1 route) as advertisement have been put up promoting the subway system. He’s flashing a big smile while hold up a Chinese language newspaper, which I am certain he can’t read.

    He’s supposed to visit his Ducks’ teammates today, but there’s been no report about it. Perhaps it’ll be on the sports news tonight.


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