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Bonzi Wells returns to play in China again, gets ejected in first quarter

 There has been a Bonzi Wells sighting in China. (Photo: Osports)

Since he was signed, then waived from the Minnesotta Timberwolves in December, it’s been pretty slow on the Bonzi Wells front. Which has been too bad for all of the Muncie/Ball State/Jail Blazers fans, since the biggest Bonzi update previous to his eight day stint as a T-Wolf was an attempt to change himself from being a “butthole” who cursed out referees and got a ton of technical fouls.

Which makes this nugget out of China so very, very welcome.

Wells, like the many former NBA players over the years who have flown to the Middle Kingdom in the summer to get paid to play in exhibition games against different combinations of Chinese Basketball Association squads in random second and third-tier cities, is currently touring with some American All-Star team that among others also features Tracy Murray.

And although it’s cool that the 1993-94 NBA league leader in three point percentage is balling in the PRC, let’s be honest: This thing should be about Bonzi. Because as we all know, Wells played in the CBA in 2008-09 with the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons. The most highly anticipated import in league history at the time, Bangqi Weiersi, as he was known in Chinese, failed to live up to the hype, lasting 50 days and 14 games before the club released him due to his refusal fly back from the United States to rejoin the team after the Chinese Spring Festival break.

Flash forward to 2012, and Wells is now back in China for the first time since his days with Shanxi, which is kind of a cool story. The American squad played their first game against the DongGuan New Century Leopards in Hebi, Henan province last Friday and judging by accounts of the game, Wells’ second go around in China didn’t go much better than his first one. As translated from the Heqi Morning Post:

“…with 54 seconds into the first quarter 54 seconds remaining in the first quarter, Wells got into an altercation with a DongGuan player, which resulted in him berating an official. Wells’ behavior caused a stoppage in the action and made a commotion on the court. After a few minutes, Wells was ejected by the referee and the game resumed. But Wells gave no mind towards his orders to leave the court. Instead of going to the locker room, he casually took a seat by the court and enjoyed the rest of the game with the crowd.”

Here’s the pictures. DongGuan, who finished fifth last season, ended up winning 96-69.

Bummed that nobody in attendance was able to be treated to the full Bonzi in China experience, we’re putting up a highlight clip from a game against Jiangsu from his famed season in the CBA which included personal outputs of 52 points, a flagrant foul, a missed shot at the buzzer that would have won the game for Shanxi and the punting of the basketball that shortly followed that missed shot. Enjoy.





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