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Zhejiang Chouzhou is getting a new coach

Ding Wei is out at as Zhejiang Chozhou head coach. The club announced the news through an official release earlier today.

From Sina Sports: “Over the last two seasons, Ding Wei has been very conscientious in his work and has dedicated himself completely to the team, and has transformed the spirit of the team in a very big way, especially during the 2010-11 season when he lead the team to its best finish in team history — fifth place.”

According to the release, Ding Wei will go to the United States Europe to study and improve his skills as a coach.

After making the playoffs last season, the Golden Bulls had high expectations going into this season. With Josh Boone, Ding Jinhui and Cao Fei all returning, the team signed J.R. Smith to a lucrative deal with the hopes of a top-four finish. Despite some controversy between Smith and the team, the Golden Bulls got off to a good start and looked like a lock for a playoff run.

But, like many of the NBA-to-CBA players who signed in China with the belief that there’d be no NBA season, Smith’s play declined considerably once the lockout suddenly ended in December. As a result, Zhejiang’s record took a dive and the team ended missed out on the post-season, finishing a disappointing 15-17.

No replacement for Ding has been named as of yet.


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