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CBA threatens Beijing, “uncivilized” fans with a move to a new arena for Game 5

Beijing Ducks fans: If you want to see your team play inside the MasterCard Center (formerly known as Wukesong Arena) on Friday night, stop yelling “stupid cunt” at the top of your lungs towarsd anything with a Guangdong Southern Tigers logo on it.

At their limit over Beijing’s “uncivilized behavior” from their last two home games, the powers that be at the Chinese Basketball Association have declared that if  fans continue to scream cuss words and/or throw things onto the floor tomorrow night during Game 4, then the league will take away the team’s right to set the location of their own home court and force them to play somewhere else for Game 5 on Friday.

Where will that somewhere else be? According to CBA spokesperson, Xu Lan, it may not be in Beijing.

“As to whether it will be moved to another stadium [in the city] or to a third-tier city [outside Beijing], the league has not yet made a final decision,” said Xu yesterday.

During Game 1 last Wednesday, fans chanted cuss words at Guangdong the entire night and during the third quarter threw lighters onto the court in protest of a violent intentional foul on Stephon Marbury. Beijing was fined RMB 110,000 for the incident.

In the Sina report where Xu was quoted, the league specifically mentioned cursing and throwing things onto the court, but still stressed that if anything happens to interrupt the game or jeopardize stadium security, the CBA will move Friday’s Game 5 elsewhere. Given that Beijing is scheduled to play the next two in the 18,000 seat MasterCard Center, playing Game 5 in another stadium would take away what has literally become the biggest home court advantage in the history of the CBA.

Beijing general manager, Yuan Chao, came out and supported the league’s decision while also vowing that he will work hard to ensure that fans are behaving properly. Stephon Marbury has recorded a video to thank fans for their support and ask them to refrain from swearing loudly.

The seven-game series currently stands with Beijing up 2-1.


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One Response to “CBA threatens Beijing, “uncivilized” fans with a move to a new arena for Game 5”

  1. bcheng Says:

    Kind of insane that with all the things that have gone on during these playoffs, this is what the CBA is choosing to crack down on…


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