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Beijing – Guangdong Game 5: Ducks win, Ducks win!

Stephon Marbury and the Ducks celebrate the franchise’s first ever CBA championship. (Photo: Osports)

Guangdong – 121 @ Beijing – 124

After doing almost everything on the cout to lead Beijing’s success this season, all Stephon Marbury could do as Aaron Brooks’ potential game-tying three went into the air in the final seconds of the fourth quarter, was watch from off the court — fouled out, on the bench.

And when Brooks’ shot missed, all he could do was run onto the court, sit down on the floor and take in Beijing’s first ever Chinese Basketball Association championship.

In a thrilling fourth quarter comeback, Marbury scored 41 points and seven assists to lead Beijing to an improbable 4-1 series victory over four-time defending champs, Guangdong. Beijing becomes only the fourth team in the CBA’s 17-year history to win a title, joining Guangdong, Bayi and Shanghai.

Down 111-101 with seven minutes left in the fourth, Beijing looked like they were all set to book tickets to DongGuan for a Game 6. But after several trips to the free-throw line, and a switch to 2-3 zone on defense, the Ducks tied the game at 114 on Lee Hsueh-lin’ wide open three from the wing with before taking the lead on the very next possession on Marbury-to-Zhai Xiaochuan hook-up on the break.

Shortly after, James Singleton would come back with a three to put Guangdong back ahead 119-118. But that didn’t last long as Morris hit a free-throws after being fouled while going up for an offensive rebound, then hit two more after getting fouled on a defensive rebound. Li Yuanyu answered to to tie the game at 121 with two minutes left, setting up what would be an exciting, down-to-the-last-second game.

Marbury though, who guarded Brooks in the fourth quarter for the first time all series, wouldn’t participate it in. With just over a minute left, he was called for a block on Brooks’ drive and was forced to head to the bench with six fouls for the first time this post-season. On the ensuing two possessions, Brooks missed a three and Lee Hsueh-lin missed a tough lay-up in traffic before Zhai Xiaochuan blocked Li Yuanyu’s lay-up attempt at the rim. Morris corralled the loose ball and barreled full steam ahead before eventually crashing into Zhu Fangyu, who was called for the block with 21 seconds left. Morris hit both to give Beijing a two-point lead.

Brooks’ potential game-tying lay-up was blocked out of bounds, and his three-pointer from the corner drew iron. Chen Lei split two free throws and with no timeouts left, Guangdong was forced to race the ball up the court and shoot a desperation three, which Singleton barely missed. And with that, the celebration was on.

Zhai Xiaochuan scored 22 points and five rebounds, Lee Hsueh-lin and Zhu Yanxi each had 16, and Randolph Morris finished with 14 and eight. For Guangdong, Brooks scored 33 points while Singleton had 29.

Once again, this game was dominated by referees’ whistles. Beijing shot 47 free-throws to Guangdong’s 23, many of which came in the fourth quarter. Beijing entered the penalty with just over seven minutes left in the game; Guangdong on the other hand, didn’t draw a single foul on their opponents until a few minutes after.

The CBA Finals MVP will be announced later today.

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