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Beijing fined 110,000 RMB for “uncivilized behavior” from fans

Yelling sha bi (stupid cunt) at the top of your lungs is worse than throwing bricks at an opposing team’s bus. Or so that’s what the CBA says.

Upon reviewing Wednesday’s Game 1 of the CBA Finals, the CBA has fined Beijing 110,000 RMB (US $17,460) for “uncivilized behavior” that included cursing Guangdong’s players, splashing them with drinks on their way into the tunnel after the game was over, and throwing stuff onto the court.

The report specifically mentions Zhou Peng’s flagrant foul on Stephon Marbury in the third quarter as the precursor to the cursing and throwing. This is the second time Beijing has been reprimanded by the league for cursing and the the third time for throwing things onto the court.

The fine is almost twice the amount that Shanxi was fined after Game 4, when fans threw lighters, bottles and cups onto the court at the end of the fourth quarter before ultimately taking to the parking lot to throw things at Beijing’s players and bus, which they prevented from leaving the arena for over an hour.

Known as jing ma, Beijing fans from Worker’s Stadium to Shougang Gymnasium have become synonymous with angrily cursing referees and opponents over the years. Other than put a muzzle around each fan’s mouth before entering the stadium, I really don’t know what the team can do to prevent this from happening again.


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