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Bothfeld: Guangsha easily defeats a resting Beijing to clinch spot in playoffs

Post by Edward Bothfeld 

February 16, 2012

Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

Coming off a disappointing loss to Jiangsu on Sunday and with playoff positioning on the line, Guangsha played with a heightened sense of urgency from the opening tip in their landslide 114-94 victory over Beijing on Wednesday.

Wilson Chandler set the pace in the first quarter, scoring 25 points on an array of outside jumpers and drives to the hoop.  Guangsha built a double-digit lead early and never looked back.

Fortunately for the Lions, Beijing was already locked in as the second seed heading into the playoffs and opted to rest their starters. Stephon Marbury and Randolph Morris, the Ducks’ two leading scorers, played a combined 11 minutes in the first quarter before resting for the remainder of the game.

After the game, Guangsha’s Jim Cleamons commented on Beijing’s rotation. “I understand what the opposing coach did in resting their players. I think we were focused and we would have played well even with their regular rotation. Obviously the game meant more to us than it did to them.”

In the second quarter P.J. Ramos picked up where Wilson Chandler left off, scoring 12 points. The crowd gave a loud ovation when the 7’9 Ming Ming Sun entered the game for Beijing and guarded Ramos. Size is Ramos’ main advantage, but with a taller defender playing 7 feet off him on the perimeter, he showed off his soft shooting touch, torching Ming Ming on multiple occasions.

Up 62-49 heading into the second, Guangsha continued to build their lead until the final horn. Wilson Chandler scored at will and finished with 41 points to go along with 18 rebounds. Ramos chipped in 23 points and 7 rebounds. With Marbury and Morris sitting, the Ducks were led by Zhai Xiaochuan with 18 points.

Heading into the playoffs, Cleamons is beginning to feel more confident about his team. “We are playing better. The challenge is to continue to play better each night. If we can get that consistency and extra effort that we had at the beginning of the season, I think we can be a team that other teams worry about.”

The C.B.A. playoffs are set to begin next Wednesday following this weekend’s All-Star festivities.

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One Response to “Bothfeld: Guangsha easily defeats a resting Beijing to clinch spot in playoffs”

  1. bob Says:

    Basketball Pioneers and Beijing Evening News saying Chandler not sticking around for the playoffs. Guangxia management understand the mathematics of the money vs injury. But the Pioneers is saying if he sticks around for the all star game the CBA will give him his release letter, if not he will have to wait until Guangxia loses to the Ducks.

    钱德勒为NBA合同去意已决 广厦:欢迎留下但不强留http://sports.sina.com.cn 2012年02月16日16:17 北京晚报微博



      赵刚称,今天就会到中国篮协为钱德勒办理相关手续。究竟钱德勒何时离开中国,目前还没有确定。广厦队若遭遇人员变动,对北京队来说无疑是一个利好消息。 J189


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