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Tuesday Morning Jianbing

Starting your day right with China’s favorite street breakfast and a bunch of links


  • Good news: There’s more and more good sites with accurate information writing in English about Chinese hoops. In addition to our boy Andrew Crawford and his blog about the Shanghai Sharks, Shark Fin Hoops, NBA247365.com is also joining in on our small community by providing detailed recaps of every round as well as some assorted news/analysis when a big story comes round.
  • As we noted yesterday, the league’s leader in assists is seven-foot center, Mengke Bateer. Just making sure ya’ll know that.
  • After cracking down on player/coach behavior, the CBA is now setting stricter rules on the courtside “DJ’s” who are responsible for doing the PA announcing and the in-game music. Home court DJ’s are not allowed to “[verbally] attack the other team, comment on the referees or say anything during free throws and all selected music must be pre-approved by the CBA.” (h/t hoopCHINA)
  • We’re so, so late on this, but it still needs to be brought to your attention: Yao Ming is starting his own wine company. I’m sure Chinese are looking forward to mixing it with ice cubes and Sprite. On a related note, we’re calling the Huffington Post out for thinking Yao’s last name is Ming. A somewhat tolerable mistake in 2002 when he first came into the League, but definitely not in 2011 when it should be common knowledge that unlike in the West, Chinese last names precede their first names.


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2 Responses to “Tuesday Morning Jianbing”

  1. Jay Howden Says:

    NERD Alert: “you all” should be contracted to “y’all”. (Hello, y’all.)


  2. hassled Says:

    can’t believe people still mix up difference between fans, viewers and players… “there are 300 million basketball fans in the country”


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