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Bothfeld: The arrival of P.J. Ramos and his effect on Guangsha

Post by Edward Bothfeld 

December 22, 2011

Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

Back on November 29th, the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions made the first major roster move of the season. Just five games in, they released the ineffective Dwayne Jones and brought in Peter John Ramos. Now having played seven games with his new team, NiuBBall is taking a look at Ramos’ effect on his teammates.

Obviously, Ramos has been a welcomed addition to the Lions. In his seven games with Guangsha, he is averaging 24.1 points and 13.4 rebounds. Compare these numbers with Dwayne Jones, who he replaced and averaged 6.4 points and 10.2 rebounds in five games, and you can see how much of an impact Ramos has had.

With Ramos’ ability to score inside and suck the defense towards the basket, one would expect that the Lions would get better looks from long range. However, the opposite is true:

  With Dwayne Jones With P.J. Ramos
3’s attempted per game 24.8 19.28
3-point shooting % 37% 34%

It’s interesting that the Lions are attempting nearly 20% fewer 3’s with Ramos. This could be attributed to the offense flowing better when he is in the game. If a play breaks down, Guangsha can feed the 7’4 Puerto Rican and allow him to make a move to the basket and draw a foul instead of scrambling to get a difficult three off with the shot clock winding down. The latter often happened when Dwayne Jones was with the team due to his limited offensive repertoire.

Even if Ramos hasn’t had a positive effect in on Guangsha’s three-point percentage, he has helped his team, and more importantly Wilson Chandler, get easy points at the free-throw line.

  With Dwayne Jones With P.J. Ramos
Team ft per game 21.2 28.8
Chandler ft per game 4.8 9.1

As you can see, the Lions are getting to the line nearly 36% more since Ramos’ arrival. Chandler is shooting almost twice as many free throws. They are points that are often overlooked and don’t appear on the highlight reel, but free throws can be difference between winning and losing. They give players a short breather and more importantly can get opposing players into foul trouble. For a player like Chandler, who plays 35 minutes, is the teams best offensive player and is often responsible for guarding the oppositions best wing player, having a few moments to catch his breath and talk to coaches during free throws is important.

Coach Jim Cleamons will readily admit that his team is a work in progress. Adding a player like P.J. Ramos who changes the complexion of the entire team in the middle of the season takes time to adjust to. But if his first seven games with Guangsha are any indication, they are headed for a deep run in the playoffs.


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4 Responses to “Bothfeld: The arrival of P.J. Ramos and his effect on Guangsha”

  1. Jorge D Says:

    hopefully Lin Chin-Chieh will benefit soon too n will improve his 3s %…the big three!



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