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Bothfeld: Guangsha rolls as Chandler and Ramos combine for 47

Post by Edward Bothfeld 

December 8, 2011

Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

Last night’s Guangsha versus Liaoning game was profiled in our list of marquee matchups for the 2011-2012 season. It certainly didn’t live up to it.

The first half was hard on the eyes, as it was marred with sloppy play, fouls, and turnovers. In one sequence, Josh Powell fronted P.J. Ramos, intercepted a lazy post feed, and then proceeded to run passed the entire Guangsha team for an easy lay-up. If it weren’t for Jin Lipeng, Guangsha might have found themselves down a significant margin at halftime instead of up 40-38. The veteran came off the bench to score 12 much-needed first half points.

After the game, Coach Jim Cleamons praised Jin’s performance, “He’s been a real spark off the bench and provided some much needed offense and much needed leadership with the second unit.”

In what’s becoming a trend this season, Guangsha came out in the second half much more aggressive. After only scoring 2 points in the first quarter, Wilson Chandler had his way with Liaoning’s defenders in the third quarter and got to the basket at will for easy lay-ups, racking up for 17 of his 24 points.

Up 15 at the end of the third, Guangsha extended their lead to 20 early in the fourth on the back of P.J. Ramos, who showed a lot of emotion on each of his three dunks in traffic. The two man game between Ramos and Chandler that took place in the second half is surely what the Guangsha management had in mind when they signed Ramos last week. With Chandler’s ability to penetrate and Ramos requiring double-teams, they can each were able to capitalize on the offensive glass for easy put backs, as evidenced by their 29 combined rebounds.

The game wasn’t as nearly close as the 103-98 final score indicates, as Guangsha’s second unit struggled to put the game away. Added Cleamons, “We played hard, we out rebounded them. We are still a work in progress. Still getting to know each other.”

Rodney Carney led Liaoning with 27 points and 6 rebounds. Josh Powell couldn’t get motivated to outdo his former coach, and finished with 10 points and 4 rebounds.

Guangsha will start a three game road trip on Friday at Guandong, which will be a highly anticipated match up between two of the league’s best teams.

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