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Ai ya: Quincy Douby breaks wrist, out for the season

Much to the disappointment of both the team and fans, Xinjiang will likely be without Quincy Douby for the rest of the year. (Photo: Sina Sports)

A warm-up preseason game between the Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers and the Shanghai Dongfang Sharks turned into catastrophe when Xinjiang’s star import, Quincy Douby, fell and broke his wrist midway through the first quarter.

The injury is season ending and he will fly back to the United States for surgery as soon as possible.

The development is a huge blow for the Flying Tigers, who are poised to win a title this season after coming up short the least three seasons. The 2010-11 NiuBBall.com MVP put down an epic debut season last year, breaking CBA single game scoring records for both the All-Star Game and the Finals, while also helping in leading the Flying Tigers to within two games of a title — the closest the team had ever been in franchise history.

His accomplishments in turn turned him into an almost mythical legend among Chinese fans. Almost 84% of voters in an online poll on Sina Sports voted him as the best import in league history. Word even got out back West about his frequent nuclear offensive detonations — during the Finals he was featured in the New York Times by some dude named Jon Pastuszek.

Douby was re-signed to a reported one-year USD $2 million contract in the offseason, which at the time was the richest deal in CBA history.

At this time, Xinjiang’s next step is unclear. According to Sina Sports, the team is likely to start the search for a replacement player as soon as possible.


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4 Responses to “Ai ya: Quincy Douby breaks wrist, out for the season”

  1. Michael Says:

    Wow! Real tough blow for the Tigers.

    Question though, as a Sharks fan I thought their pre-season was done. Did they just play this game over the weekend?

    Any kind report on how Kenyon Martin played?

    Thanks for any help!


  2. James Says:

    Word is that Xinjiang is going after Jamal Crawford to replace Douby.


  3. Turner Says:

    Would you think that more players will soon become available now that the NBA is seemingly falling apart for real?



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