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Chinese netizens react to Yao Ming’s American daughter

May 30, 2011


Post by Jon Pastuszek 

May 30, 2011


Yao Ming’s one year-old daughter, Amy, came to Shanghai for the first time last week on an American passport.

Currently back in his hometown of Shanghai, Yao Ming’s annual summertime return to China has received even more attention than usual in years past.  Fresh off buying a new house in Shanghai, Yao and his wife have brought their one year-old baby daughter, Amy, to China for the first time in her young life.

The offspring of an extremely genetically appealing couple, Amy, whose Chinese name is Yao Qinlei (姚沁蕾), has piqued the interest of height-crazed media and fans, not surprisingly in regards to her prospects of some day playing for the Chinese Women’s National Team.

Though we don’t doubt she’s going to be a very tall gal one day, after reading that Amy entered China on an official American passport, we’re seriously wondering about that whole Team China idea.

Thus far, Yao has been extremly careful to avoid media.  After landing in Shanghai on Thursday, Yao managed to dodge a group of eager camera-wielding journalists who were waiting for the family to come out of the gate, and has since kept the baby out of sight from the public.

But, even though nobody has managed to snap a photo of China’s most famous baby, Amy has caused quite a stir in the press by arriving here as an American citizen.  In the months leading up to her birth, many people questioned what nationality Yao and Ye would choose for their child.  Yao responded by saying Amy would start off as an American citizen, but could choose her nationality for herself when she turned 18.

The phenomenon of famous people with money switching their nationality is not new in China.  In 2008, Chinese movie megastar, Gong Li, became a Singaporean citizen after she married her Singaporean husband.  Her decision set off massive amounts of Chinese netizens, some who agreed with the decision, others who simply labeled it as “unpatriotic.” Another high-profile movie star, Jet Li, also took Singaporean citizenship in 2009 after he tied the knot with his Singaporean wife.

In China, an extremely prideful country, Yao and Ye’s decision has also been commented on at great length.  And now that Amy is an official American passport holding inter-continental globetrotter, Chinese netizens have once again come out in force to share their opinion on the matter.  Here’s just a few of the many, many thousands that were posted on Sina.

阿克苏: Yao’s family is free to choose whatever they want, everyone just shut up!

淄博: I’m a little disappointed but I can understand.  I hope after all of this he doesn’t talk about how patriotic he is.

攀枝花: Yao Ming, are you Chinese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

新浪广东广州手机用户: Yao Ming is only doing this so he can have a son (referring to China’s one-child policy).

新浪山东烟台手机用户: I support Yao’s sensible decision.

新浪广东广州手机用户: If China didn’t back up and support him, Yao would be like Tang Zhengdong, nobody in America would no who he is.

新浪浙江杭州手机用户: You really can’t stay in this country, if you’re rich you have to leave.

新浪广东潮州手机用户: Yao is garbage.

新浪手机用户: After she’s 18? How ridiculous is that!

tjtas: How patriotic!  What a real “national hero!”


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4 Responses to “Chinese netizens react to Yao Ming’s American daughter”

  1. Va Ha Says:

    For all you Yao critics, ask yourself this… If you had a choice… would you REALLY have your kid in China? If China didn’t back up and support Yao?! YAO’s multi million dollar salary is TAX by China. YAO was discovered by AMERICA… NBA always keep their eyes open for international talent. and… China wanted YAO to play in the USA so he can lead Team China to victory during the Olympics. You fools are just jealous…. JEALOUS..


    • LockSnap Says:

      AGREED. YAO kept playing for every basketball event that China had. He didn’t rest! If China had let yao take a break from FIBA, Olympics and whatever shit they wanted then he would have still been dominating NBA today! Dunkin over Howard Shit!



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