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Quincy Douby scores CBA Finals record 53 points as Xinjiang takes Game 1 in Guangdong

In helping Xinjiang achieve their first regular season title in team history, there’s been little doubt all season long that Quincy Douby has been the best foreign import player in the CBA.  And after last night’s record setting performance in a massive Game One win on the road in Guangdong, there should be little doubt that Douby is the best foreign import player of all time.

Douby scored a CBA finals record 53 points, 36 of which came in the second half, and grabbed a game-high 11 rebounds as Xinjiang came away with a huge Game One win on the road 100-92 against three-time defending champions, Guangdong.  Up 1-0 in the best-of-seven series, the Flying Tigers head back home to Urumqi where they haven’t lost all season for the next two games before Game Four swings back to Guangdong.  Game Two will be played on Sunday, while Game Three will tip-off on Wednesday.

After scoring 17 points in the first half on drives, midrange pull-ups and free-throws, Douby turned up the heat from long range in the second, dropping eight threes in all against a merry-go-round of interchanging Guangdong defenders. In all, four Southern Tigers, 6-3 Lester Hudson, 6-9 Zhou Peng, 6-6 Wang Shipeng and 6-1 Chen Jianghua took cracks at cooling down Douby, each of whom ended up scooping chunks of Nike basketball out of their eyeballs as Douby dropped high arching bombs in everybody’s face. Whether coming off staggered screens or creating space for himself off the dribble, shooting with a hand in his face or wide open, Douby rippled the bottom of the net from seemingly every angle on the court, the groans from the partisan home crowd getting louder after each make.

For Guangdong, Hudson, after scoring a CBA career high 41 points against DongGuan in the semi-finals clinching Game Three, went for only 12 against an aggressive and physical Xinjiang defense, shooting only 5-18 from the field and 0-7 from three. Though easily able to get into the lane in the first half, Hudson couldn’t find any touch from the outside and appeared to be somewhat bothered by Zhang Qingpeng’s and Xu Guozhong’s chest-to-chest defense.  Marcus Haislip hit for 20 points and 10 rebounds.  Wang led the Southern Tigers in scoring with 22.

It’s the first time Xinjiang has ever won a finals road game in the history of their franchise, and the first time Guangdong has long a home playoff game since 2006.

We’re not the only ones thinking about Douby’s place in Chinese basketball history.  In a poll on Sina. com, 84% of voters said that Douby is the best foreign import player of all-time.  If Xinjiang wins the title, it will cap off a nearly undefeated 31-1 regular season with the franchise’s first ever championship.  Judging from what we’ve seen so far this season from Douby, James Singleton, Mengke Bateer and the rest of the Flying Tigers, we’d be shocked if there isn’t a lot of history being made by the end of the month.


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One Response to “Quincy Douby scores CBA Finals record 53 points as Xinjiang takes Game 1 in Guangdong”

  1. bob Says:

    Douby put on an amazing performance, dropping all those treys. I love watching him when he gets in the zone. He played 48 minutes and paced himself brilliantly. Now we will see what Guangdong is made of. They got the big centers, but they are slow and cannot defend the drive. Guangdong only had 13 points in the second quarter, which is rare, and only shot 6 of 22 from behind the arch. I expect them to be more focused tonight, but it will be an uphill battle for the next two games. Go Xinjiang!


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