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Monday Morning Jianbing

January 3, 2011


Post by Jon Pastuszek 

January 3, 2011


Starting your day right with China’s favorite street breakfast and a bunch of links…

  • If you’re looking for yet another reason why the NBA is keenly interested in China, about 33.9 percent of China’s population is now online.  That’s roughly 450 million internet users.
  • According to Hakeem Olajuwon, Yao Ming is going to give it his “best try” to come back from another devestating foot injury.  The original interview from Sohu in Chinese can be seen here; the English translated version is here via Yao Ming Mania.  Also from YMM – the first public photos of Yao Ming’s baby girl.
  • Antoine Wright arrived in Nanjing yesterday morning China time and has already started working out with his new team, Jiangsu.  If all continues to go well as expected, he’ll likely be in uniform for Wednesday’s Round 11 match away at Guangdong.
  • Happy New Year to Beijing public transportation — five brand spanking new subway and light rail lines opened up on the 31st, including a line out to suburb Shunyi, an area that is rich with private international schools and their spotless indoor basketball courts.  More ball in winter makes this blogger a happy guy.


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