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CBA teams keeping tabs on NBA’s final cut-downs

The past couple of days have a seen a lot of teams cutting down rosters to their final regular-season state, which means a lot of teams in China and around the world will be working around the clock to snap up some of America’s best non-NBA talent.

  • Sina is reporting that Fujian SBS is interested in bringing in Alexander Johnson, who was let go by Houston on Wednesday (report in Chinese.)  Johnson’s played in China before, albeit for about three seconds: Last year, Johnson signed to play with the Dongguan New Century Leopards.  Midway through the third quarter of his debut, an old, nagging injury flared up and he was forced to miss the next two games.  Desperate for an import who could play, Dongguan released him before he could get back on the court.
  • Cuttino Mobley in northeast China?  TOM Sports writes that Liaoning Panpan, who has yet to sign an import for next season, has put the 35 year-old on the top of their wish-list.  Earl Barron, who was cut by New York in September, and Dwyane Jones, who was let go by Phoenix on Wednesday, are also on that list.  Mobley was linked a few weeks ago with Zhejiang Guangsha and is still apparently keen on exploring ways to prolong his basketball career after his NBA career was abruptly ended by a heart condition.
  • Even after skipping out on his plane to Shanghai and his scheduled phone call with Zhejiang Guangsha management, Rafer Alston is still considering playing in China.  But, with a catch: Only if he can play alongside his former Houston Rocket teammate, Maurice Taylor, according to TOM Sports.  Taylor spent last year playing in Shanxi alongside Stephon Marbury.  This demand could prove to be problematic for Alston’s chances in China, as most teams are either close to or at the two import per-team limit.  Qingdao Double Star, one of two teams who has been heavily linked with Skip to my Lou, recently signed Jordanian national team captain, Zaid Al-Khas, to a deal, while the other team, Zhejiang Guangsha, has P.J. Ramos under contract.
  • John Lucas III, who played with the Shanghai Sharks last year, was cut yesterday by the Chicago Bulls and could be headed back for another stint in the CBA.


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